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long range tap
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Tele-tap is a telescopic rod, that can be extended over a considerable distance. On the end that is held by its operator is a trigger. At the other end is a mechanical spring loaded finger.

Tele-tap can be used to tap people on the shoulder who are (for example) ahead of you in a queue. It also removes the need to throw small stones at an upper floor window to attract the attention of an oblivious occupant.

You can customise Tele-tap by painting the nail on the finger or convert it into Horror Tele-tap by substituting the finger with a single tooth on the end of a bony digit.

xenzag, Jul 20 2014

Fing-Longer http://futurama.wik...om/wiki/Fing-Longer
[Spacecoyote, Jul 20 2014]


       Uh, as [Spacecoyote] so lovingly pointed out, this is rather, sort of, kind of, partially, baked.
blissmiss, Jul 20 2014

       The basic limitation here is one of range. In general, if I can reach someone with a telescopic rod, I can reach them by taking a few steps and cutting out the middle man.   

       However, there is scope for improvementing this idea.   

       Small drones, with cameras and wifi, are becoming extremely cheap. It should be possible to adapt these, and to ensure that flocks of them are airborne in most locations at all times. By this means, it should be possible to tap anyone, anywhere on the shoulder at any time, from anywhere.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 20 2014


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