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Tools for weaklings

Additional force multiplication
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Any good mechanic will tell you the length of a wrench is directly proportional to the amount of torque it can safely apply. A shorter handle gives less mechanical advantage, but prevents you from breaking it.

The problem is the manufacturers base the length off the strength of the majority of users. What about us weaklings? I can barely loosen or tighten anything properly without asking for help or fitting a longer pipe over the handle for leverage.

I want tools made for people with no upper body strength like me. Longer wrenches and crowbars. Thicker screwdriver handles for smaller sizes. Pliers and clippers could even have a double hinge like bolt cutters.

Each tool will come with a warning that it may be possible to damage the tool and/or hardware with less than expected force, but it should be properly calibrated for the lower strength percentile.

Aq_Bi, Sep 19 2006

(?) Tools for women http://www.barbarak.com/products.php
Just basic tools. No crowbars. [jmvw, Sep 19 2006]


       is it possible to have an adjustable handle length? seems a great idea.
po, Sep 19 2006

       'Give me a big enough level with adjustable handle for people like me who spend all their time inside a bath thinking more about levers than actually using them and I could lever the world'?   

       I likes! [+]
froglet, Sep 19 2006

       Bah! Weaklings should be kicked over the side to feed the fishes. Special tools? Next thing ye'll be wantin' women aboard ship!
DrBob, Sep 19 2006

       //I want tools made for people with no upper body strength like me.//
Tools for the feet, then?
ldischler, Sep 19 2006


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