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Tool to make an Egg Dome Home in a few hours time

This tool is designed to build the egg-shell
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You can build an err... "egg dome home" [see link] in a few hours time - at least the egg-shell.

The different steps are explained in the picture.

This tool can build shells very fast and cheaply.

EDIT: someone asked for more info: /Bone until you give more detail/

Ok, can't ignore that! :-) More info!!

Let me describe the tool more clearly: it is made of hollow metal pipes. You can connect the tool to either a pneumatic pump (to shoot the screws into the earth) and to a pump which pumps the liquid substance out of which the egg-shell is made through the tubes.

1. Now in step (1), you put the preformed egg-fabric in place. To do so, you connect the tool to the pneumatic pump. Inflatable rubber balls keep the egg-fabric in place. Simply lower the tool into the pit and place the fabric.

2. Now you remove the rubber balls, and fill each tube with an earth screw. These screws fit into the tubes like a rocket-propelled grenade fits into a grenade launcher. You use pneumatic force to force the screws into the earth. You shoot them through the egg-fabric, to keep it in place.

3. Finally, now that the fabric is fixed against the bare earth, we are going to "paint" or "plaster" it with our water-resistant, strong polymer that binds with the fabric. To this end, you connect the tool to the big container which contains our material and a pump. You simply pump the material through the pipes, which "spray" it onto the fabric. The tool can turn and so plastering the shell takes very little time. You can repeat this a few times to get different layers.

Voilà, I hope this clarifies things a bit!

django, Aug 26 2006

Uhmm, the 'egg dome home' Underground_20egg_20home_20dome
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       Bone until you give more detail.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 28 2006

       Nice drawing. But why is everything done at night?
ldischler, Aug 28 2006

       /But why is everything done at night?/ Because (1) it's more economic to work at night and (2) because the sea-turtles which inspired the egg dome nest, only lay their eggs at night. They do so because (1) it's more economic and (2) because the sea-turtles that inspire them, do so too. :-)
django, Aug 28 2006

       So its not a big truck, its a series of tubes?   

       Ok, Bone retracted.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 29 2006

       Thx galbinus :-)
django, Aug 29 2006


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