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Siri answers my phone

"Intelligent" call screening
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So, there are phones that can recognize your voice and perform Internet searches and make appointments in a reasonably intelligent manner. One of these is called Siri.

Why not let Siri answer your phone? It would seem trivial to have Siri respond to the caller's inquiry and perform an "intelligent" action in response. If anyone asks for you by name in a familiar way, she puts the call through. Otherwise, Siri interrogates the caller asking for clarification. "I'm sorry, I don't know a man or woman of the house."

Of course, determined creditors could develop strategies to defeat this, but it seems unlikely that telemarketers or robo-callers would bother.

the porpoise, Aug 21 2014


       Useful for simple, rule based screening (If it hears its owner's name allow the call) but AI just isn't up to it beyond that. I predict there will be no decent fully automated answering service for another 15 years, then suddenly everyone will have one.
Voice, Aug 21 2014

       Yeah, fully capable AI for this idea is a long way off. The main interest is to annoy people who don't know enough to pass the test.
the porpoise, Aug 21 2014

       You could just do a crude verbal capcha, like the phone says "what`s the password?" and use speech recognition on the reply....just to annoy marketeers set increasingly difficult questions to get to speak to the householder. Pick anything off old maths papers.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 22 2014

       Or simply junk you landline & only take communications by email, using actual capcha for anyone who wants to leave one.   

       hmm... a personal noticeboard website you have to pass a capcha to get into to leave your message?
Skewed, Aug 22 2014


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