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For dedicated smokers who have trouble brushing their teeth with a cigarette in their mouth.
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Its so annoying having to take your cigarette out of your mouth for 5 minutes while you brush your teeth, buy the time you have finished you have lost a quater of your cig to the atmosphere. Save thousands of dollars a year in cigarettes with the new tobac-o-brush. A way to keep a continuous flow of niccotine directed straight at your lungs while keeping ontop of dental heygine at the same time!

The revolutionary design of the tobac-o-brush has various attachments to hold cigarettes, bowls even bongs, what ever your substance of choice you can keep the dentist at bay while never having to inhale fresh air which we all know contains harmfull ozone as well as other deadly gasses. tobac-o- brush, get one today!

Gulherme, Jun 06 2004


       I once knew a stoner so dedicated he smoked in the shower. This idea reminds me of him.
Detly, Jun 06 2004

       One of the most disgusting ideas I think I've ever heard of!
wagster, Jun 06 2004

       give it a day or two, wag.   

       gul, you seem to have lost a quarter of your quater.
po, Jun 06 2004

       next you'll be suggesting a basil brush for herb lovers.
neilp, Jun 06 2004

       No next i was going to suggest tobac-o-cutlery!
Gulherme, Jun 06 2004

       Nicotine toothpaste?
FarmerJohn, Jun 06 2004

       How would this work? would it have some sort of hole through so that you could inhale the smoke from the cigarette/Bong /pipe, or would it simply have nicotine somehow built into the fibres of the brush
slarti, Jun 06 2004

       Whats the point of smoking with no smoke, ofcourse you would inhale, the pipe would basically be a hollow toothbrush with a bowl or place to put your cigarette in the end, with another hole in the fibers so as you brush you can take a long drag, toke, hit or puff.
Gulherme, Jun 06 2004

       //How would this work?// Easy, the bristles are made of tobacco fiber impregnated with a little nitrate and magnesium so the keep burning when wet. Since the brush burns off you get a new brush head every day, not like those non-smoking pigs who use the same toothbrush for weeks.   

       I'm not sure what the attachments are for.
kbecker, Jun 06 2004

       ahhh it is a very funny image, I should draw a picture.
Gulherme, Jun 06 2004

       Yeah, it's a riot.
waugsqueke, Jun 06 2004


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