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Temple D'Emoticons

Geeken Itza
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Built like the Mayan Temples in Mexico and Central America, this temple has over 200 Emoti-picts engraved in stone. (see link) These stones have been built into a temple that resembles a computer tower on the outside. Inside there are tunnels and rooms, secret password places and firewalls. If one takes the tour, you are given a special neck-holder to place on your shoulder, for keeping your head sideways for many hours.~~~~~~~~8}
xandram, Mar 15 2006

some of the emoti-pictographs you will see here http://www.computer...nary/emoticons.html
[xandram, Mar 15 2006]


       Can we sacrifice those annoying animated smileys on an altar at the summit?
wagster, Mar 16 2006

       O High Priest [wagster] you must paint them blue first and then once sacrificed, they will go to Smiley Paradise.
xandram, Mar 17 2006

       I shall paint them red and send them to Smiley HEEELLLL!!!
wagster, Mar 17 2006

       Having just seen a shot from the forthcoming Da Vinci Code movie, with the protagonist standing in front of a backdrop covered in a plethora of religious symbols, I think there is the gist of a web parody here - Da Vinci Code redone using smileys and, maybe, bunnies. Or Muppets. Or South Park.
DrCurry, Mar 17 2006

       The next time the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future :-)
reensure, Mar 17 2006

       Wait! You mean the Da Vinci Code isn't about programming? Damn!
zigness, Mar 17 2006

       Its actually a pardoy of programming and programmers. You see, Da Vinci is a spanish anagram for Ciin Vida, which means, "without life". So the thrust of the movie is to make fun of programmers who spend too much time with their computers that they have "no life" or lack any social equivalent of life.
pathetic, Mar 19 2006

       That's a [pathetic] explanation of the story line.
jurist, Mar 19 2006


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