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build a cityscape out of the contents of a Tesco store
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Department stores once used multiple items of packaged goods to construct creative monuments. These acted as point of sales feature displays, and were works of considerable wonder at the time. (see link pic as an example from a UK Co-op of the 1950s).

The idea of Tescopolis is to once again take the contents of a large department store (like Tesco) and use it to build a substantial model of an entire iconic building, such as (the hideously vulgar) Dubai's Burj Khalifa tower. Smaller items, like packets of toothpicks, will add the necessary detail, while most of the structure will naturally consist of cornflake type boxes, and stacked up tinned food items.

A tall wind-free atrium area will be necessary to house the tower, along with the scaffolding necessary to facilitate its construction.

After a period of exhibition time, the tower can be demolished in spectacular fashion by swinging a large ball towards its base.

xenzag, Jun 20 2019

Co-op display https://sodabred.tu...co-op-display-1950s
[xenzag, Jun 20 2019]

Burj Khalifa https://thetowerinf...-list/burj-khalifa/
perfect for making almost entirely out of tins of baked beans [xenzag, Jun 20 2019]


       I hope you meant "Waitropolis"
hippo, Jun 20 2019

       No, [xen] is notorious for invariably being at the cheap end of the market offering.
8th of 7, Jun 20 2019

       Correct, and when when it falls down, the resulting bashed up packaging can be used to build a miniature replica of one of Rio's infamous favelas.
xenzag, Jun 20 2019

       My husband sets up displays at Walmart as a part time gig. I think he would love to be involved in constructing a Tescopolis. Never been to Tescopois though.
blissmiss, Jun 20 2019

       Naturally, the Cornwall branch of this enterprise will be called “Trescopolis”
hippo, Jun 20 2019


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