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The monument of why

Build a monument and confuse the future with it
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Carve rock in a very large area into the shape of a person lying down and holding an arbitrary object in his hand. He should be at least 20 miles tall. Carve a meaningless inscription under him, something like "For harboring the aarvarks in our time of need we solute you Lord John Doe"
Voice, Jun 23 2014

Cerne Abbas Giant https://en.wikipedi...i/Cerne_Abbas_Giant
[Voice, Mar 13 2016]

SMBC: confusing the future https://www.smbc-comics.com/comic/sack
[Voice, Mar 05 2023]


       Baked - The Sphinx ("Let's put a massive statue of a made-up animal here - that'll confuse them")
hippo, Jun 23 2014

       Somebody will come along with a hammer and chisel and insert the missing "d".
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 23 2014

       ...and turn the 'o' into an 'a'
hippo, Jun 23 2014

       It 's fun to stay at the Y...
popbottle, Jun 23 2014

       It should be located on Gilligan's Island.
xandram, Jun 23 2014

       Baked. It used to be called graffiti. Now its called talkbacks. Splleing mistakes and all.   

       In 1989 I remember entering the Hebrew University campus and seeing the whole entrance sprayed (in Hebrew) with 5 meter tall letters, and five stories high, saying: God has knowledge, but no method.   

       On a Friday about 10 years ago, we had a giant wooden contraption erected near my house, with a huge vertical frame and a gigantic empty rock slab set in the middle of it.   

       Walking home from synagogue that Saturday I stopped in front of it and scratched my head in wonder. Someone else walked by and stopped next to me. A family passing by did so as well. What do you think it is? someone asked. The crowd got bigger.   

       This is fantastic! I said. Whoever made it is a genius. They're making a monument for no more names. No more death by war. No more unknown soldiers. No more terror victims. No more car accidents. An empty plaque, with no name on it!   

       No, said someone else. Its not a plaque for names at all. Its a flat slab, for skating on, but upwards to the sky. It is for depicting the heavens and the impossible.   

       Nah, said a lady who had just joined the discussion. Its an empty slab, left for you to use your own imagination, and think what you would write there in stone.   

       A young Ethiopian Jew who came to see what was happening said: Maybe its because we are a religious town and they didn't want to go against the ten commandments making an idol with a shape. Its saying: Do not worship stone idols, by not saying anything.   

       One of my neighbors said: I think its just because they didn't have time to put the names up, and on Sunday they'll continue the job and finish it.   

       C'mon! everybody said and dispersed.   

       The next day, the workers came and put up the names of a couple, husband and wife from our town, both driving teachers, who were killed in a car accident.
pashute, Jun 23 2014

       If that had been a joke (and the rhythm was that of one of my favorite jokes), after all that talk, the slab would have fallen on all of you, and then they would have hoisted it back up and waited.   

       Not a very funny joke, I am aware. But funnier than the driving teachers.
bungston, Mar 15 2016


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