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Temporary Blindness Cure

Seeing-eye aid for a Myopic
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Living in a country that enjoys 6 months of gloriously hellish weather, comprising of 50 degree celcius days and 100% humidity throughout (no joke)... many a times I've walked out the building with my glasses on, and suffered temporary blindness due to lens fog.

For someone who is as blind as a bat without my glasses, removal is not an option. Neither am I too happy about wiping it on my already soaking wet clothes. So my only other option is to either walk through the parking lot and grope my way to my car with my now heightened sense of touch, or stop dead in my tracks like an idiot until it clears up (and that can take some time when ure in a virtual steam room!)

So I propose, seeing eye people, hired by landlords to escort you to your car. Kinda like a people's valet, tip a quid and they get you safely to your car. Also much safer, imagine gettting mugged in the parking lot and you identify the bugger as a fuzzy creature from the underworld.

And I know, u say why not just valet your car, but what if you dont have one and need to catch the bus that's gonna leave you behind if you don't get there in time.

( I have resorted to wearing contact lenses in the meantime until someone snatches this idea up)

Infinitely buzzing, Jun 05 2003


silverstormer, Jun 05 2003

       Mini-wipers? Built-in frame defroster? Fog-be-gone breath mints? Pet dragon? Oh, sorry...

       M I N I - W I P E R S ? B U I L T - I N ...
Tiger Lily, Jun 05 2003

       Corrective eye surgery. Don't worry about any side effects that might creep along in the next few years.
goober, Jun 05 2003

       I thought this was a temporary cure for blindness.   

       Nice idea though. You'd have to use really cheap labor, though. Like PhDs, for instance.
FloridaManatee, Jun 05 2003

       I fail to see how a blind dog could be of any use... except in a sadistic kinda way... I LIKE!   

       And walking about with my very own dragon perched on my shoulder would definitely give me that sexy, smouldering look.   

       Corrective eye surgery would so take the fun out of it all! Imagine all the nasty dates you'd rather NOT see all that well.   

       Plus you'd be giving the homeless and unemployed something to do. They're lodging there anyway, would be like freelancing... from home!
Infinitely buzzing, Jun 05 2003


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