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seeing eye hamster

seeing eye hamster
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dogs are too much work for older people.
monty, Sep 13 2000


       this idea sucks
monty, Sep 13 2000

       So you posted the idea, you trashed the idea, then you voted against the idea. Hmm.   

       By the way, because of the experimental nature of the proposed subject, wouldn't it be a guinea pig?
Alcin, Sep 13 2000

       you are right, on second thought its a great idea.
monty, Sep 13 2000

       Nahhh, Chihuahua are too tempting to throw out the window when you're driving.
bear, Sep 14 2000

       Hey, what about seeing eye people? Very little training required, solve the unemployment problem overnight!
Alcin, Sep 14 2000

       although the squash factor is high, hampsters are quick and cuddly mammals. just make sure they don't get stepped on.
zugster, Sep 16 2000

       Bear: Don't be so hard on Chihuahuas. I like the little dog-rats, especially with barbecue sauce and a side of home fries.   

       PeterSealy: That's why some crossings at intersections have the little whistles and beepers. It's so blind drivers know where to turn right.   

       Not the greatest idea here, anyway. Hamsters are too easy to microwave, but they make great frisbees when squashed.
BigThor, Sep 16 2000

       Wasn't Clive Sinclair at some point working on hamsters that plug into your brain via RS232 at some point?   

       Never mind Chihuahuahuas anyway - they're too demanding on power.
eehen, Sep 17 2000

       What was that Dafyd was saying about "around and around and around..."   

       Please don't delete you double post thing there, zippy, otherwise I'll have to delete this...
Detly, Nov 11 2000

       hamsters are nocturnal, so it's perfect for an evening out. once you get to the club, slip ol' teddy pepper into your purse, and you're dancin.'
for daytime, you'd need a chipmunk or something.
k10, Dec 01 2000

oic, Dec 02 2000

       Melopsittacus undulatus. Keet. American, English, Shell Parakeet. Budgerigar. Wellensittich. About 7 inches, often green + yellow or blue + white, popular pet, can be taught to speak when very young.
jutta, Dec 02 2000

       AK 'chirpy featherduster in the rough'.
StarChaser, Dec 02 2000

       for people who don't like animals - a seeing eye eye I'm sure UnaBubba could work out the techno stuff
po, Sep 21 2001

       Seeing-eye goldfish?
pottedstu, Sep 21 2001

       a bowl of water to carry about can be a bit of a pain slop slop
po, Sep 21 2001

       I bet Richard Gere would give this a big thumbs up. But I give it fish.
TheJeff, Jul 01 2004


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