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Tennis Gruntvertising

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Corporate sponsored athletes will be payed an additional fee if during the match they grunt the name of the sponsor during particularly hard shots.

Opponents will try then to out-grunt each other to make their sponsor's grunt louder and more audible in the rally of shots.

benfrost, Jan 30 2005

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       Great for single sylable companies, a slight problem for companies like Adidas.   

       A... D.... Das, I suppose it works fine with a bit of post match editing.
scubadooper, Jan 30 2005

       Funk and Wagnell's sponsorship of Henman?   

       "Code Violation, Mr Henman."   

       "For saying Funk and Wagnell's?"   

       "Second Code Violation, Mr Henman."   

       "I said Funk.."   

       "That's it, Match Forfeited. Thank you linesmen, thank you ballboys, thank you Microsoft Encarta."
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 30 2005

benfrost, Jan 30 2005

       hee hee hee +
I think Monica Seles would collar the highest paying sponsors...
energy guy, Jan 31 2005

       This might work well for porno flicks also: ”Yes, do it Haggar and Pfizer”, ”I’m Comcast, I’m Comcast now! Oh my Goldman Saaachs!”
FarmerJohn, Jan 31 2005

       [FJ] I'll get my agent to call Miss Sharapova imediately :)
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 31 2005

       Quick, down to the Companies Registration Dept. - I'm going to register "Uurgh! Inc.".
hippo, Jan 31 2005

       "Hello, Ms. Sharapova. I represent the Murrumbidgee Metalworkers and Mechanics Collective..."
Detly, Jan 31 2005

       How about throwing some concentric circles in the serving rectangle, skeeball style?   

       Mr. Federer just served 120 miles an hour into the Chunky Soup circle -- and you need Campbell's Chunky Soup to hit a serve that hard.
theircompetitor, Jan 31 2005

       Jimmy Connors could have made good money out of this.
wagster, Jan 31 2005

       Seems a little silly that they record audio at all for tennis games. This would make it more silly. +
Worldgineer, Jan 31 2005

       Instead of advertising (which is the only reason Mr. Grump here has not proffered a croissant), could they play consequences? When playing each shot they would have to grunt a word connected with the word grunted at the last shot, without repetition or hesitation.
wagster, Jan 31 2005

       [All!]... [Day!]... [I!]... [Dream!]... [A!]... [Bout!]... [Sex!]... "Game, Set and Match to Mr. benfrost!" [The crowd goes wild]
DrCurry, Feb 01 2005


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