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Ultimate Badminton

Just like ultimate frisbee, but with raquets and birdies.
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Two teams try to get the birdie over the net at the opposing team's end of the court. Possession turns over in the natural course of play or if the birdie falls down. Juggling the birdie is permitted, but it must be in flight at all times.
Addiction's #1 Fan, Aug 02 2004


       er .. so it's just like normal badminton but the teams are allowed more than one shot, a bit like volleyball?
britboy, Aug 02 2004

       What would "extreme badminton" be like?
Ander, Aug 02 2004

       Me and some friends have tried this version and believe me, it's extremely difficult. It's almost impossible to return the 'birdie' when hit at really high speeds with any degree of control.   

       When you say 'birdie' do you mean shuttlecock???
pooduck, Jan 12 2005

       Well I play badminton and this kind of thing happens a lot just from messing up shots. The shuttle (which is what I presume you mean by 'birdie') can go in any random direction from a misjudged shot and so juggling ensues when it does. A game we invented can add to the fun called (as we have named it) doublinton, in which you can use a racket for each hand, it didn't really seem to have any limits to the number of times you could hit it.
fridge duck, Jan 12 2005

       [Ander] try playing badminton in a court where the walls are less than a foot outside the white lines. Or using your wrong hand, or using the _wrong_ end of the racket ( yes, it can be done ). Perhaps see how many shuttlecocks you can juggle on the racket in the air or againt the wall.
furmobile, Jan 12 2005

       Or try playing a real sport, one that doesn't look like you're over energetically trying to kill a flying insect, whilst making unnecessary squeaky noises with your feet.
etherman, Jan 12 2005

       In theory this would work well so long as some extra rules were put in place to stop it being impossible to return as [pooduck] suggested. If there was a reduced area to hit to, a limited number of shots allowed and/or a minimum distance to be kept between the players and the net, it could make for quite an interesting game of reactions.
hidden truths, Jan 12 2005

       [etherman] - So sorry we don't play the sports you like, I suppose you are one of the people that finds chasing inflated pig bladders around a field to be exciting?
fridge duck, Jun 06 2005


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