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Tennis ' Racket '

A real loud racket!
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Two players have a conventional game of tennis,however...

The tennis rackets(racquets) are fitted with small wireless acoustic pick-ups or miniature acoustic microphones close to the network of strings on the head of each racket.The players are also fashioned with tennis shoes adapted with drum machine pads within the soles(wireless)

Each players racket and shoe pads sound are controlled via two audio/sound jockeys stood behind individual audio mixing desks(one desk per player) hooked up to two amplifiers and full range PA systems,with the speakers in each of the four corners of the court.

Now as the players move and the ball comes into contact with the rackets strings and volleyed and "thwacked" around the court,the two budding sound engineers or hopeful audio jockeys behind the desks can start mixing the shoe drum pads and rackets with reverb,chorus,flange,wa-wa,bass,keyboard and guitar riffs and samples or any sound or mix they choose,attempting to create a rhythm or rap between the two players which is relayed through the sound system.

(Maybe the net could be the brass section)

"Thwaaeeekka'bong..,cymbal splash"!

skinflaps, Feb 25 2003

Sound effects as performance art http://www.halfbake...20performance_20art
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       Says she wanna play on a different thing,
now you know what to do, g, bust a string.
Just bust a string
Bust it boy.
thumbwax, Feb 25 2003

       As a guy, I have to admit that I love listening to women playing tennis on TV. You could play some funk samples for wah guitar, you know, all the waka-chicka-waka-chicka stuff in the background. I think those sounds would go together nicely.
banksean, Feb 25 2003

       And the player would have 2 in 1 tennis raquet/guitar contraptions.
KaZaAm, Feb 26 2003

       Huh. Did he wind up playing bass in my band?
snarfyguy, Feb 26 2003

       I'd like this for the best of all raquet sports (and my chosen discipline!) - table tennis. The sound 'Boiing' would be best - or maybe a little yelp or "ow!".
Jinbish, Feb 26 2003

       Let's do this right away! And put it in place in other sports.   

       Can you imagine how PO'ed Tiger would get if this idea got extended to golf? Have the PA play little squeaky sounds as he rocked back and forth from foot to foot settling into his stance. Whenever he looked up to gauge his shot there's be a loud cracking noise as if his neck vertebrae were realigning. And on the backswing there'd be a sound like creaking door hinges. The guy would never get another decent shot off!
Canuck, Feb 26 2003

       "Whatcha listenin' to?"
"MacInroe vs. Sellis, 104.7."

       On another note: seems like ESPN does this on their commercials.
RayfordSteele, Feb 27 2003

       Don't you already get golf clubs that do this? They make a loud chiming noise when you hit the ball properly?
pottedstu, Feb 27 2003


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