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Tent Fan

Solar powered tent fan
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A fan, in the usual mesh cage, powered by a flexible solar panel, potentially built into the tent fabric (this might qualify as an idea in its own right). When the sun gets up, you don't have to, this fan prevents you getting baked alive in your tent.
Fishpig, Sep 21 2003

These could work http://www.oksolar.com/pv/flexible.html
Flexible solar cells [RayfordSteele, Oct 04 2004]

[hjennings] US Patent Link http://www.patentst...atents/6397869.html
Portable camping tent structure with built-in overhead electric fan and power source [jurist, Oct 02 2005]

[hjennings] bio http://www.harryjennings.org/bio2.html
Inventor of above Tent Fan [jurist, Oct 02 2005]

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       Apparently Kreuner lives in a tent year-round. Or an igloo?
RayfordSteele, Sep 21 2003

       In winter you reverse the fans to blow warmer air down, just like a ceiling fan.
Cedar Park, Sep 21 2003

       U.S. Patent # 6,397,869   

       Already been done! Powered by either batteries or solar power is possible. But a plastic fan case lined with 4 D batteries on each side (8 x 1.5v for a 12v fan) and it lasts for the weekend.   

       U.S. Patent # 6,397,869
hjennings, Oct 02 2005

       see [links]
jurist, Oct 02 2005


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