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Wireless USB Hub

Like a normal usb hub but...
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I don't think one of these exists already.

So: I have a laptop, I also have a printer and a usb wireless mouse. I also have a normal usb hub.

The mouse has a detachable receiver that plugs into the back of the laptop. The hub can be used to connect both the printer and the mouse at the same time.

Now if the do-dad that plugs into the back of the laptop had a partner (built into the hub for preference) and they could communicate like a usb wire, then the hub could just sit on the desk connected to a whole bunch of peripherals and they would automatically be connected as soon as the laptop moved within range.

RobertKidney, Oct 10 2003

[Luxlucet]Those people at ShouldExist.org seem to be listening http://www.shouldex...005/10/28/165242/97
Sounds suspiciously similar...perhaps [Dub, Oct 31 2005]

4-peripheral mini USB hub http://www.pcworld....efined&tm=undefined
Includes wireless usb keyboard & mouse [rubyminky, Nov 01 2005]

Wireless USB Hub in the Works http://www.biosmaga...article.php?id=2572
Coming soon to a desktop near you... [meatpropeller, Dec 15 2005]

(?) Freescale's 'Cable-free USB2.0 UWB technology http://www.cnet.com...eID=1654261&tag=lst
Finally, plug-and-play wireless USB2.0 over UWB from Freescale, Icron Tech, Belkin and Gefen [MogNerd, Jan 11 2006]

Wireless USB Hubs http://brightlamp.c.../wireless-usb-hubs/
A couple of companies have announced plans to manufacture wireless USB hubs. [zapped, Feb 05 2006]


       Is enough bandwidth realistically available on wireless, especially for USB 2.0?
bristolz, Oct 10 2003

       Probably not on any of the 802.11 standards, which only go to 54Mbps (USB Hi-speed goes to 480Mbps). However since this would only need ultra-short-range (across the desk) capability, I would guess you could build some sort of proprietary radio that would do the trick.   

       Instead of just a USB Hub, how about a full "docking station" for the laptop? That way you could connect to your monitor and other non-USB peripherals as well.
krelnik, Oct 10 2003

       Maybe UWB?
bristolz, Oct 10 2003

       Radio...television...microwave...analog cellular...digital cellular...wireless internet. Just what the world needs...more RF floating around out there!
muzer, Oct 10 2003

       It was going to be a docking station but I thought a usb hub would be simpler. And besides, you can get USB versions of almost anything.   

       A docking station would be better, but also more expensive I think.   

       As for bandwidth a lot of usb things like mice and keyboards can already be wireless so that probably wouldn't be a big problem. I'm not sure about printers and speakers, and I reckon a monitor would need more than the rest of them put together.
RobertKidney, Oct 10 2003

       This sounds like what <cable replacement>Bluetooth</cable replacement> was supposed to be, but wasn't. I think it is being developed. See links.
namuh, Mar 23 2004

       Here it is 2 years later, and we still don't have our wireless usb hub. I want to put a webcam in the attic window without having a cable going up the stairs, hubs every 16 feet, etc.
luxlucet, Oct 30 2005

       If that's all you want, you could just buy a webcam that broadcasts 802.11.
jutta, Oct 30 2005

       [Bun]I like the idea that I can use my mouse in the kitchen, when my PC might be on a different floor. - I don't understand why no one's bunned this yet! Incredible.   

       'They' wouldn't produce it, preferring that you bought all new wireless stuff instead of buying one thing that adapts them all!
Dub, Oct 31 2005

       Can't you all see that this is just a big conspiracy... along with our lack of electric cars and directions to atlantis.   

       But agreed, I think this is exactly what Bluetooth was supposed to do, create a universal-wireless-protocol for random peripherals to use... but now it's just a way to get music/games/porn/viruses onto your cellphone or pda.
jong-scx, Oct 31 2005

       My keyboard, mouse and printer are all Bluetooth. Web cams are also available. Works fine in around a 10m radius.   

       They do have USBs mini-hub dongle type things, a small memory-stick sized USB stick plugs into the socket on your computer and can power 4 peripherals from the one stick. See link to PC World Web site.
rubyminky, Nov 01 2005

jong-scx, Sep 07 2006


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