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Tesla Pet Fence

Tesla Coil Renders Pet Unconcious if it leaves the yard
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Set up a Tesla Coil in the back yard which is triggered by proximity. Unlike the "invisible pet fence" the coil would send a charge sufficient to render your pet unconscious. I have a cat who jumps the fence regularly I think it would also be good to have a trigger that would shock the cat whenever it breaks contact with the ground. Although your pets may have an occasional psychotic episode, it is much better than enduring a trip to the pound. I originally tested this using a small catapult and a whole chicken and other than the 3rd degree burns at the point of contact it was utterly fool proof. Further testing has been quite successful. The cat has not tried to jump the fence ,but rather spends most of the day hiding under the couch, only appearing long enough to use litter box. I have also notice the cat seems to be less intelligent, not recognizing its name when called and it drools profusely! It also defecates spontaneously during thunder storms.

NOTE: After testing with the same chicken 10-12 times you also have a tasty meal!

gthorlak, Sep 06 2000

Tesla's Death Ray http://www.parascop...en/1096/tesdeth.htm
[egnor, Sep 06 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Why not just get either - a cat that is capable of wandering around outside the confines of your house and garden, without getting lost/injuring itself/whatever it is you're frightened of. - a pet that is suited to living in such a limited area and doesn't try to jump the fence.
vincebowdren, Sep 07 2000

       Like a rubber chicken.
Alcin, Sep 07 2000

       Want some tasty Korean BBQ? Get the cat back out there. Why do you think they call it a 'Cat'apult anyway?
thumbwax, Sep 07 2000

       in regards to vincebowdren.. its a matter of controling your pet using fear, a great motivator. I highly recommend the use of both guilt and fear when dealing with either pets or children. why go through throught the arduous task of finding the right pet when the technology exists to control ANY pet... or child for that matter.. todays testing has yielded a new market for children, who can ,in most cases, not be replaced on a whim.
gthorlak, Sep 07 2000

       Also in regards to vincebowdren: a cat that is capable of wandering, etc. outside the confines of the fence?   

       Isn't that something like a lion, tiger, or cheetah? All right! Sign me up for one! Also a good anti-burglar device as well, it would also keep other pets from coming into your yard, not to mention neighbors, kids, postmen, firefighters, fiances, in-laws, and so on.   

       As far as pets for limited living areas go, try a turtle. If it wanders too much, put Teflon on the floor. That way it still gets exercise and you don't have to flip it on its back- which is cruel.
BigThor, Sep 16 2000

       I am a big tesla fan and I saw in a book about him a picture of him reading under his 50,000 volt tesla coil while it was on and due to something in the coil it did not harm him at all.Your Idea could work if you modified the coil or something but I would suggest another one of Teslas inventions, the death ray, instead. You would need to use lower voltages to prevent your pet from being disinigrated.
beretboy, Nov 09 2000

       <HTML> beretboy, Trick photography, Tesla didn't actually read under his coil, which by the way was more than 50,000 volts, you probably forgot a zero.... I'm a tesla fan, and a telsa coiler as well...   


       Have you built a coil? Quite a facinating hobby it has become for me. If you are interested,   


       join the TC mailing list!   

       Nice talking to you, Jonathon - kidd6488@aol.com
Kidd6488, May 28 2002

       How long before somebody suggests a Schrodinger's Cat fence ? The cat collapses the wave function of the fence ..... the fence may or may not be there until the cat enters its probablility domain.   

       Feline psychosis here we come. Anything that fries cats is fine by me.
8th of 7, Jun 13 2002

       Well, the problem with a Schrodinger's Cat Fence is that the cat may or may not be dead, and that the fence may or may not actually be there, but either way, you can't tell.   

       Seems simpler, if you're into torturing cats, to just move next to an interstate and let the smartest ones survive.
shapu, Aug 05 2004

       I don't really like the idea but the way the cat was described was just funny
Wingmaster, Jan 09 2007


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