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give each board in the fence a note
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Probably best done with picket fences or the like. Make the boards of different heights or sizes. Tune each board to a musical note, like a xylaphone.
jpk, Jul 30 2003

Xylophone http://www.limmy.com
Use the square buttons on the top, go to "playthings," go to "Xylophone." You need speakers. Be careful not to let the boss hear if you're at work... [saker, Oct 04 2004]

Ibstock http://folk.uio.no/...d/TMoL.html#anchorI
[my face your, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       sp: xylophone
krelnik, Jul 30 2003

       [see link]
saker, Jul 31 2003

       Excellent idea, jpk.
Excellent link, saker.
my face your, Jul 31 2003

       On the way to completing an alphabetically complete list of postings you managed to get "x" out of the way fairly early.   

       My favorite scene in a recent movie is where the kids in Billy Elliott are rattling a stick along a railing and nonchalantly keep rattling it on the shields of the riot police as they pass them by.
DrCurry, Jul 31 2003

       My little ranch has a half-mile driveway that is currently fenced on both sides in redwood and New Zealand wire for livestock control. I think it would be quite a conversation item to apply 5-foot steel xylophone keys vertically to the face of the fence, and then install curb feelers on each of our domestic vehicles to strike the sequential xylophone pickets. As you leave the property each day, the curb feelers could plonk out "Every Little Breeze Seems To Whisper Louise", and "You Made Me Love You" when returning on the alternate side. Then again, your music choices may differ.
jurist, Oct 19 2006

       Really lovely.
calum, Jun 04 2012


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