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The murder of Elija

A young woman follows up on the book of kings
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A young movie director who binges on real-crime channels about disappeared people is exposed to the story of Elisha and Elija in the biblical book of Kings. She reads about Elisha going to meet his master, on the way passing through three cities. In each city, a group of fifty "prophet children" meet him secretly and warn him that his master is about to end his life today. Elisha hushes them. Elija repeatedly requests that Elisha leave him alone, but he stubbornly continues to follow his master. 

The two men leave Jericho and reach the Jordan River. Elija takes his wig off and hits the water with it, "parting" the waters so the two can cross over to the desert. A storm stirs up after Elisha asks to receive twice his master’s powers, and after a promise by Elija that if Elisha sees him go, his request will be granted, a storm stirrs up. They walk into the fog with thunder and lightning flashes, and Elija is lost in the storm. Elisha searches for him for a while but returns alone to Jericho, refusing the offer of a local professional search group to go back and look for him. Following a three day search, they give up, with Elisha telling them: I told you so.  

The young movie director is intrigued by the similarities with several similar disappearance stories, and begins writing the synapsis for a historical documentary, teaming up with an Israeli archaeologist. The two begin to discover clues left in the locations described in the biblical story, and, as it turns out, they find people more than 2500 years later who have a tradition which they themselves do not understand about the murder of Elija. 

As her research advances, she learns that both prophets were immersed in violence, including the murder of 500 priests of Baal, and the killing of 102 policemen sent to arrest Elija, while Elisha killed 52 boys using trained bears, and infected his personal aid with a skin disease when he didn’t like something that Gehazi did. A married barren woman who seeks his help gets pregnant shortly after meeting him, and has a boy whose life he saves using artificial respiration and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Elisha was an inventor and a performing magician, learning from his master how to make fire from rain, and himself discovering how to make poisonous water from the sulpherous water fountains near Jericho into drinking water using minerals, and using a similar formula to cause seven years of starvation when the bad water in the fountains "returned" upon request. 

It turns out that Elisha’s invention of the floating iron ship was part of the plot, but the movie ends with you wondering what Gehazi’s part was.

pashute, Jan 15 2022




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