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The Angostura Ploy

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For years I've used Angostura bitters and always have watched the paper wrapping slowly become colored by the bitters splashing when they are dispensed, no matter how carefully you are. Usually a flying droplet will shoot past the vessel you're aiming at before any goes into it, and when you're done there's a new schmear on the outside of the glass and, inevitably, dripping down from the ostensible 'pouring nozzle' onto the paper wrapping. I've wondered at this because there are ancient solutions to dispensing a dash, neatly and efficiently, the same volume every time. My Victorian sister-in-law uses a Waterford dasher to add her concoction of flavors to seltzer water. No drip, no splash.

It will be 200 years next year since this stuff was invented, so why does the Angostura bottle still fail as a dispenser and why does it require a jacket? (See link on the jacket, no one knows why the spout is so bad. )There must be some reason or strategy. I think it is a marketing ploy, a reverse psychology sales tactic. Make the product messy, inexact and difficult to use, in a package that fouls itself and looks unsightly, and permanently stains your clothing and temporarily stains your skin. Then make it an absolute necessity in the consumption of liquor. What a winner this will be! Behind every bar and in every kitchen, but why? WHY?

If we knew the secret of The Angostura Ploy we could be gods.

minoradjustments, Sep 07 2023

Angostura History https://cocktail-so...-angostura-bitters/
Some wherefors [minoradjustments, Sep 07 2023]

A small price to pay https://dramson.com...tle-with-dasher-top
and there are cheaper pouring spouts for the price-conscious consumer. [a1, Sep 07 2023]

Saki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saki
!= sake [pertinax, Sep 08 2023, last modified Sep 10 2023]

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       It's a clear rant, not an idea or invention... but a pain I share.
21 Quest, Sep 07 2023

       I always thought the extended paper wrap was thoughtfully provided to keep this stuff from staining anything but its own bottle. But no! The iconic oversize label was a mistake and they are stuck with it. Or they chose to be stuck with it. Either way, they have chanced upon a sure-fire winner for almost 200 years. So do a search for 'bitters' and stand back. Among thousands of options the messiest one wins. Now they're advertising bitters that aren't bitter. Go figure.
minoradjustments, Sep 07 2023

       You seem a little bitter about it.
21 Quest, Sep 07 2023

       A problem that's not a problem, esp when you only drink Bushmills, Jameson, Galway Hooker, Absinthe and Saki (not in the one glass)
xenzag, Sep 07 2023

       // not in the one glass //   

       You're doing it wrong.
a1, Sep 07 2023

       I feel like this issue is playing ketchup.
mylodon, Sep 08 2023

       //Bushmills, Jameson, Galway Hooker, Absinthe and Saki//   

       If you're going to mix your drinks, I suppose you could do worse than to mix them with H H Munro.
pertinax, Sep 08 2023

       The former bartender says that stuff is nothing but crap. Stinks, Tastes awful and should never have been let out of the lab.
blissmiss, Sep 08 2023

       My cousin loves his Old Fashioneds, made with Jack Daniel's, maple syrup, orange slice, some other mulling thing of his, and Angostura bitters. I've sent him bitters made with everything in life but he told me not to send him any more exotic herbal things. He's stuck on Angostura. Isn't Jaegermeister a bitter, really? Underberg hangover stuff kind of works. Tastes bad enough that you forget the head. I use Angostura in a glass of plain Coke or iced tea, soups, marinades, omelettes, stir-fries, etc. It's great stuff. Hate the packaging.
minoradjustments, Sep 08 2023

       Jaeger, a bitter? Anise is a sweetener isn't it?
21 Quest, Sep 08 2023

       [21 Quest] Yeah, it's a rant. It's a hard thing when you realize you rant better than invent.   

       I tasted Jaeger once. Not for me. That's when I decided it was a bitter. Checking the ingredients I don't know what the hell it is. Germans call it a digestive.
minoradjustments, Sep 10 2023

       I'm sorry.if I was impolite. I didn't realise anyone actually liked that stuff.
blissmiss, Sep 10 2023

       Do you know how many times I've clicked on this idea not remembering what the hell Angostura is?   

       ...well me neither but, like a lot of times.   

       I love old fashioneds, with Bourbon or rye. Angostura bitters are an absolute MUST HAVE ingredient. You muddle it with a sugar cube and a few drops of distilled water in the bottom of the glass before adding the ice and pouring the whiskey. Then you stir it all together, and if you want a game changing twist... use a cocktail smoker with pecan wood chips.
21 Quest, Sep 11 2023


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