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The Blackyfier

A plugin to automatically change the color scheme of a web page
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I prefer to have a black background with white lettering. So this plugin for your browser of choice would automatically change the background of a page to black and would also change the text using the original colour as a base to calculate the new colour. For instance, if the original page was white background with black text, the plugin would simply invert this. But if the text happened to be dark grey, then the new text colour would be a light grey. Other colours used in the text would be changed in order to guarantee the appropriated level of contrast.

The background preferred colour could be changed. The plugin would adapt the contrast calculations accordingly.

PauloSargaco, Oct 26 2007

Blackle http://www.blackle.com
Just for you [Paulo]. [Jinbish, Oct 26 2007]

colour remover colour remover
Similar idea. [zen_tom, Oct 26 2007]

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Power Google http://power-google.blogspot.com/
Official Google version of Blackle [Shadow Phoenix, Oct 30 2007]

Blackle Stats http://techlogg.com/content/view/360/1/
Makes a difference with CRTs, not so much with LCDs. [imaginality, Mar 31 2008]

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       This came up before here - there's a clever little key-combination that reverses all the colours in Mozilla, or just go to Tools, Options, Content, and pick the colours you want to use (you have to untick the box that overrides your chosen colours with those of the website designer)
zen_tom, Oct 26 2007

       That Blakle site is gorgeous :-). The "colour remover" is similar, I didn't find it in my queries. But I like to think that my idea is more complex... yeah, this superiority complex is going to be my downfall.
PauloSargaco, Oct 27 2007

       You need to buy a Mac. The "Universal Access" preference settings allow you to choose "white on black", and it works for all applications. You can also ask for greyscale rather than colour, and adjust the contrast.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 28 2007

       For reading text you might like to try hitting Ctrl-A.
theleopard, Oct 29 2007

Noexit, Oct 30 2007

       [theleopard] - CTRL-A only selects text. You're still left with the white on the rest of the page.   

       [Noexit] - CSS is fine for experts. And it is still not very practical to change all the styles plus manually deciding which are the best colors.
PauloSargaco, Nov 02 2007

       Yes! It does exist. I use Blackle.com EVERY time I search the web. Greatness. They do it because it saves power that your monitor burns with white light. I like it. And PopSci had something about a program that could "Blackyfy" any page. I don't remember what it was called. [+], except it's baked, so neutral.
TahuNuva, Mar 31 2008

       Worth noting though that it's with CRT monitors that you save power by using Blackle - for LCD monitors, the reverse is generally true. See link.
imaginality, Mar 31 2008

       In IE7:
Go to TOOLS -> INTERNET OPTIONS. On the General tab, click the ACCESSIBILITY button, then check the box labeled "Ignore colors specified on web pages". Click OKAY.

       While still on the General tab, click the COLORS button, clear the box labeled "Use Windows colors", then set your foreground (text) and background colors as you like.
phoenix, Mar 31 2008

       For those on a Mac, press Command+Option+Control+8. This inverts the entire screen. Job done.
theleopard, Nov 29 2011

       [Leopard], I first saw that key combination on a darkly humored Mac FAQ under a question that went something like, "how can I lurk in the bushes at night without being noticed and sniff my neighbor's wifi?".
swimswim, Nov 29 2011

       //how can I lurk in the bushes at night without being noticed and sniff my neighbor's wifi?// misreading that last word as 'wife' really changed the meaning somewhat.   

       Now somebody mentioned a one-click solution for Firefox ?
FlyingToaster, Nov 29 2011


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