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The Cat™

Never Lose Your Wireless Mouse Again. The Cat Will Find it!
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The Cat™ is a device that permanently sits on your desk so some other location within the room and it always knows where your wireless mouse is located.

If you misplace your wireless mouse or your wireless presentation pointer, The Cat™ can locate it within a 150 foot range. If your mouse ever comes up missing, activate the cat by pressing the activation button or simply petting it and a diagram or photo of the room will immediately appear on your computer screen indicating exactly where it is within 2-3 inches of accuracy.

The Cat™ can also detect whether the wireless mouse has been taken out of the perimeter of the room in case someone accidentally puts it in their pocket and leaves the building.

Jscotty, Jan 25 2010

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       The best mousers always leave half of it in plain view somewhere.
Wrongfellow, Jan 25 2010

       Will the ability to not only locate your wireless mouse but also report that its batteries are both dead and alive be a feature of the Schrödinger Cat™?
Canuck, Jan 25 2010

       [+] if The Cat™ launches itself across the room on spring loaded legs, and returns with your wireless mouse dangling from its jaws.
pocmloc, Jan 25 2010

       //wireless presentation pointer// OK, Cat, now we shall see whose batteries run down first! And find out if I can get you stuck behind the fridge!
lurch, Jan 25 2010

       //[+] if The Cat™ launches itself across the room on spring loaded legs, and returns with your wireless mouse dangling from its jaws.//   

       So even though The Cat™ knows where the mouse is, then we can activate the retrieve feature where he will go get the mouse? Hmmm.. that's very interesting. But now that I read Lurch's comments, I'd be afraid of getting my cat stuck! ;)
Jscotty, Jan 25 2010

       And it never gets hungry, thus your mouse is safe.
Inyuki, Jan 25 2010

       Ah! I like that.
Jscotty, Jan 25 2010

       When you misplace The Cat ™, simply dispatch The Dog™, then when that fails dispatch the... what comes next... hmm how does that song go, "the little old lady she swalled the fly"... she swallowed the spider.. wriggled, jiggled, then what... I don't know I guess she'll die.
rcarty, Jan 26 2010

       Thanks! Now I can't get that song out of my head! Some time ago, my aunt purchased a device for her keychain that would help her locate her missing remote controls for the TV. Then she kept losing her keys. Therefore the cat should remain stationary. Perhaps I can put it up on a high pedestal being that cats like to sit up high and view everything below.
Jscotty, Jan 26 2010

       I like the feature that (our 2006 audi has) beeps loudly whenever the (keys or) mouse are removed from the nearby. would also train some trainable folk to not walk off with it.
dentworth, Jan 27 2010


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