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Winter Mouse

Increase your productivity with a pre-warmed mouse.
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Using the latest roller ball technology to drive mini turbines inside your mouse during those freezing winter months, the excess energy created from moving your mouse around all day is stored in cells that release their energy each morning so that you have a nice toasty mouse to warm your hands on during the winter.

Unfortunately in summer there will be a small thermo aspestos glove (at a reasonable price) that is required so you can carry on about your normal work with out getting the sweats up.

Supercruiser, Nov 18 2002

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       Indeed. If you're moving your mouse around a lot then you're probably not using it correctly. I like the idea of a heated mouse though.
DrBob, Nov 18 2002

       Put the CPU inside the mouse.
8th of 7, Nov 18 2002

       Do you not have heat in your office?
krelnik, Nov 18 2002

       I've wanted a heated mousepad for ages. Cold-right-hand syndrome is going to be the early death of me. The real trouble is that the desk makes for a great heatsink, especially combined with poor insulation and a cube with a window.
RayfordSteele, Nov 18 2002

       How about a simple pipe from the PSU vent from the back of the computer direct to hand level. The heat will be slight but probably enough to make a difference.
sugarcane, Feb 20 2003

       A heated mouse isn't a bad idea... especially in the winter, here in Canada... when gaming for hours your hand gets so cold you've got to take a break to sit on it or something so that it thaws out.   

       I don't see why they just can't just a little incandescent bulb instead of an LED in the optical mice, and then it'd get nice and toasty... (hopefully it won't melt itself though :)
supacon, May 12 2003

       I am not so sure
doggiedoo, Mar 05 2004

       The HEATED Mouse!!! http://www.theheatedmouse.com
rudyh, Mar 05 2004

       I suggest combining a laptop's AC adapter with the mouse. This eliminates one bulky item when packing the laptop and creates a heated mouse for toasty warm fingers.
ConsultingDetective, Jun 22 2004

       good good :D
NeoPiter, Jul 05 2004


       I was about to post an idea for a heated mouse (my right hand always seems to be cold and blue, while my left hand is fine!) when I ran across this while I was checking to see if someone had beaten me to it...
mwburden, Oct 15 2008


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