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The Cinemator

Combine avatar game engine, natural language processing, and text to speech to bring screenplays to life
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Unlike books, screenplays (plays in general) are structured, with character names and settings being explicitly drawn.

Using current state of the art technology, bring old movies (or your own screenplays) to life using the Cinemator. The software would automatically create characters based on encountering new characters in the screenplay. The director (i.e. player) would improve upon the AI by adding various gesticulation (i.e. pulling the arms in for "I try to get out but they're pulling me back in" and imrpoving inflections of the text to speech and creating landscapes and choosing "shot angles"

theircompetitor, Jan 05 2004

Machinima http://www.google.com/search?q=machinima
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

Sims Movie Maker http://thesims2.ea....tail.php?help_id=64
[theircompetitor, Feb 12 2005]

Shots from the "The Movies" game http://compsimgames...hemovies_scrl29.jpg
[theircompetitor, Mar 11 2005]

Dramatron https://medium.com/...y-gpt-3-29511581300
[theircompetitor, Dec 11 2022]


       the next logical step...except maybe you could perhaps create a world with the screenplay and host of characters and sort of "play" your way through and maybe even beyond your screenplay. ie create your own RPG.
Space-Pope, Jan 05 2004

       I'm assuming the natural language processing can help you set the scene but then the human player intervenes, i.e. if the scene says, Sunday in Seattle, raining, the game can provide an assortment of appropriate landscapes that the player can modify.
theircompetitor, Jan 05 2004

       This would be very useful for creating animated storyboards and working on the strength/weaknesses of the screenplay without the expense of a professional read-through.
oneoffdave, Jan 06 2004

       that's kind of how I first envisioned it -- test movie concepts before they hatch, but I think there's a moviebuff game aspect to it as well.
theircompetitor, Jan 06 2004

       There are a number of people who do short films like this, using the 3D rendering engines from games like Quake and Unreal to generate the pictures. They refer to what they do as "machinima". I don't know if anyone has automated it to drive them directly from screenplays yet, however.
krelnik, Jan 06 2004

       This would require that computers read meaning into language, which is a loooooong way off for now. That said, when that technology comes (my money's on 'when', not 'if') this is one of the first things people will do with it.
wagster, Mar 11 2005

       I'm in favor of anything which would give copyright owners of old media indigestion. I think this would certaintly fill that bill.
Soterios, Mar 11 2005

       wagster -- I wasn't implying they would be acted well. But a screenplay contains tons of instructions, so I think it's possible to do a passable job of it.
theircompetitor, Mar 11 2005


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