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The guilt game

After your first kill you realize how horrible that was and get a chance to repent
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Your first mission is to kill somebody, you have to find out all kinds of facts about them. As the game roles you find out that you should NOT be killing this person but rather joining forces with them, because they are good. They had saved your best friend's life. They had helped your parents. They are known to be one of the best, nicest, and also smartest people on earth, working to save the human race along with the world from too-early destruction.

You killed them? Now you find out what a bad choice that was. You realize you shouldn't have killed? Continue to level II. A short quiz showing you are still pumped up with adrenalin? Game over.

You decided not to kill in the first place? Level II. Now you have to find out who the senders were, why they wanted your first target killed in the first place, and check out both what the consequences will now be for you with them, and how to convince them to change their decision about that target, and if they know you decided not to kill, to change their decision about you yourself, who are now their new target.

As the game progresses you get more and more players to join the cause of NOT killing. BUT then you meet killers and sadists and members of organized crime and have to find a way of dealing with them without getting yourself killed, and while possibly saving them as well from being killed. (Or sometimes deciding that saving them without dealing with their behavior is worse than killing them).

pashute, Sep 15 2019


       But will the game make you cry?
wjt, Sep 15 2019

       Wrote this idea on the phone. The auto-corrupt changed because you are now the target to because you are not the target.
pashute, Sep 15 2019

       Hmm, you'd need quite a lot of gesso.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 16 2019

       [not_m_rm]... and hammered thinly gold?
Frankx, Sep 16 2019

       [pashute] Am I or am I not the target? A phone has access to those little marks used in sentences.
wjt, Sep 18 2019

       Once you choose not to kill, and they find out about it, you become the target. Once you convince others who were sent to kill you that they shouldn't kill you, they too become targets. Now you have to deal with the original "bad guys" who probably aren't really bad guys, and get them not to kill anyone.
pashute, Nov 12 2020

       Oh, a _computer_ game. i thought you were suggesting taking a personal Crime and Punishment style hell-and-back existential journey to discover what lies beyond nihilism.   

       Just today I overheard a loud conversation on the street. Someone was saying to his two companions "Ever wanna kill a 13 year old? Let's find this guy and fuck him up." (as near as I can remember). I had a similar experience of thinking: Is this guy serious? No, he's probably just joking around. Wait, but why is that any less disturbing?   

       (Not a negative assesment of your idea, by the way. Just pondering the nature and role and implications of violent fantasy, roleplaying, joking, games etc. I tend to the view that they are problematic, but suppressing them is worse.)
spidermother, Nov 13 2020

       This game would need a lot of subtle side play to scope a psychological profile for the correct in-game techniques of emotion/logic manipulation.
wjt, Nov 15 2020

       Glados lays it on pretty thick in Portal after you euthanise your companion cube.
zen_tom, Nov 15 2020

       // discover what lies beyond nihilism. //   

       Daytime TV.
8th of 7, Nov 15 2020


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