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The Construction Channel

Peer through a hole in the wooden fence no more!
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I love big construction sites. Whenever I go past one I stop and watch for a while. The diggers, the dumptrucks, the cranes, the concrete pours, it's all great stuff. And I'm not the only one, there's always other people watching as well. What I propose is a tv channel that shows nothing but construction sites 24 hours a day. No need for a host or voiceover, just a fly-on-the-wall perspective of what happens on a building site. Brmmmm Brmmm!
simonj, Jul 06 2004

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skinflaps, Jul 06 2004

       Why not become a builder?
wagster, Jul 06 2004

       Because I'd be crap at it.
simonj, Jul 06 2004

       Raising and razing, too.
FarmerJohn, Jul 06 2004

       I conclude from this idea that [simonj] is a small boy with outstanding typing skills. Just you try getting one away from a building site without resorting to chocolate buttons or dragging.
Or he could be an retired man, I suppose, in which case a bottle of brown ale may work better than chocolate.
These always appear to be the two groups of people goggling at building sites. Any other people who do not fall into these categories are people with chocolate in their pockets (or brown ale bottles - bigger pockets).
squeak, Jul 06 2004

       aren't *all* men really small boys at heart?
po, Jul 06 2004

       Odd - I thought someone suggested this before. But croissant either way.
DrCurry, Jul 06 2004


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