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The Curse of Talbot Hall

Larry Talbot a.k.a. The Wolfman must find the answer to his curse before its too late
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1943. Wales, outside of England. Its been five years since you have fought the Frankenstein Monster and now you find yourself on a country road to nowhere, with just the clothing on your back and a piece of paper in your pocket which reads "Talbot Hall Curse....see Straton London" You must make your way to London, turning into the wolfman three times a month. Can you make it to London and find Straton, whomever he or she may be?

A computer game in black and white, the graphics are pattened after the old Universal movies. The player is Talbot and he must find clues as to why he has this paper and just who Starton is. Along the way he battles police, villagers, and meets up with Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Mummy who is brought to London to guard the one thing Talbott needs.

The wolfman also will kill, and avoid getting caught. The change from Larry to the Wolfman can be done by lap desolves, just like in the movie.

Dogcat, Mar 20 2008


       Either way, I think s/he might have more success if they were looking for "Stratton." Though I can't for the life of me see why.
DrCurry, Mar 20 2008

       Don't mind UnaBubba. He's always like this as a full moon approaches. Pre- metamorphosis tension.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2008

       //Wales, outside of England// hee hee.
po, Mar 20 2008

       Isn't Wales the one off the north coast of England, anyway?   

       Sp. Briggs and Stratton? A petrol mower might be just the thing for keeping that mane under control?
david_scothern, Mar 20 2008

       //Isn't Wales the one off the north coast of England, anyway?// You have a weird sense of geography. Wales, England and Ireland are all off the coast of Scotland.   

       As is Europe.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2008

       I am not too keen in general about these game theme Dogcat ideas but this one appeals to me. I like the black and white theme and the monsters. I like the idea of the player losing control then having to deal with the consequences - later in the game one could gain some control over the Wolfman manifestation. Of course in such a game, other literary characters in the public domain and from this period would appear - ultimately making this game much akin to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
bungston, Mar 21 2008


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