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Thought Police 2200

how low can you go?
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As a cop in a 1984-esque setting, it is your job to oppress the population. Your tools include a mind scanner, your taser, and your trusty baton; find new equipment along the way. Bonus points are awarded by more massive attrocities. Your enemies include terrorists*cough*freedom fighters, fellow officers who would snitch on you, and a hostile politician. Can you nab that mother who is about to report you? If you wiretap the right place, you can stop the newest attempt at overthrowing the Freedom Act. Support the Information Bureau! Defend the local traitors to society*cough*politicians! Bribes and other fringe benefits along the way! let out your inner evil thug in this action-filled game. Can be matched against Thought Police 2100 for multiplayer competition, and played both cooperatively and competitively.
Voice, Mar 21 2008

Getting there! http://www.oneangry...-doesnt-exist/9558/
[Voice, Aug 15 2016]


       Bone for no ninja cyber babe.
bungston, Mar 21 2008

       I just don't like all these game ideas. Can't you guys come up with something truly original? Then I will bun.
zeno, Mar 21 2008

       [-] For, well, being kind of a mean retort to the other one. It could be annotated instead.
qt75rx1, Mar 21 2008

       I like the idea, voice. If only a few of us on here had more of a vision. I bet this game would make a ton at gamestop.
Dogcat, Mar 22 2008


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