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Thief: Office Edition

FPSneaker set in the world of faceless cubicles and oblivious managers
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<requires first playing Thief or Thief II>

In the spirit and much of the same mechanics as the Thief games (Eidos, Looking Glass Studios), set a first person sneaker in the modern world of overhead flourescent lighting and pristine corporate decor. At first, you would either sneak around inside office buildings or try to legitimately obtain employment therein. During working hours you could skulk around knocking out the nerds in accounting as they take their morning bathroom breaks and the fat ladies in customer service when they step out to smoke, or just pilfer office supplies from people's desks and sabatoge their equipment. Eventually, one would catch on to some sinister plot and would be required to expose the perpetrators and face the evil therebehind.

absterge, Feb 27 2001

Tha Letta Opener of Death http://www.theonion...company_picnic.html
"I had to pull tha Letta Opener Of Death on her and that Myron Schabe BEEP, 'cause don't nobody put no BEEP on tha H-Dog's BEEP desk." [calum, Oct 22 2002]

Neverwinter Nights http://nwn.bioware.com/
Dungeons and Dragons (and cubicles?) [Amos Kito, Oct 22 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

NeverWinter Vault http://nwvault.ign.com/
Lot's of stuff here for creating your own environment and adventures. [DrBob, Oct 24 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       <insert gwbushjoke.txt>
Uncle Nutsy, Mar 01 2001

       Sounds like a Deus Ex mod begging to be made
bear, Jun 11 2001

       would you be able to shoot people with a stapler or poison their coffee   

       a level editor would be popular so people could plan the massacre of their co-workers that much more accurately   

       serious croissant because a modern Theif would be good
chud, Jan 22 2002

       Indeed, you've got it [chud]. The staple remover has proven to be a dangerous weapon IRL, as has the Letter Opener of Death. Their realizations in glorious 3d would be thrilling to behold. Hot coffee, exploding microwaves, et cetera.   

       Alas, had I more time, I might just investigate making this into a mod of one of the more popular engines. Any suggestions?
absterge, Oct 22 2002

       I've heard you can do just about anything with Neverwinter Nights [link]. But your boss and co-workers might have to be simulated as grotesque monsters and fiends. This could make it quite realistic.
Amos Kito, Oct 22 2002

       There's a multiplayer level on Soldier of Fortune 2 set in an office - I think it's acutally Raven's office. So it clearly has a lot of the textures and tools already built.   

       Failing that Deus Ex is already part way there, or the immortal Half-Life
sadie, Oct 24 2002

       Amos, the NWN engine is, indeed, very adaptable but I don't think it's quite suitable to this particular idea. The environment and character abilities are not right. To even come close you'd have to put in an awful lot of work in order to give the terrain and characters a modern look, although it is certainly possible. Try NeverWinter Vault (link added) where there's stacks of stuff posted to help with creating your own stuff plus a couple of hundred (literally) downloadable adventures.
DrBob, Oct 24 2002

       Come to think of it, the Monolith engine is supposed to be very easy to create games with. I think it's the engine thief was originally made in.
sadie, Oct 24 2002

       I know a group of students who have networked their PC's and have designed a halflife (I think) level that matches their house, computers and all.   

       But the beauty of this idea lies an the stealing office items and turning them into weapons. Maybe the abilities of these wepons should'nt be exaggerated; so if you get a staple gun and fire it at range, you just annoy your collegues 99% of the time, but occasionally a staple hits someone in the eye and they have to fill out an accident report.
Zircon, Oct 24 2002

       And are out of the game for two weeks until the paperwork comes back?
sadie, Oct 24 2002

       (Thank you for the link, [calum])   

       Lordy, lordy, if only I could vote for your annotation, [Zircon]. That was excellent. The janitor's closet might come to have some very interesting tools in it, as well. And as for the bit about the paperwork, this sort of thing would be key. Inbox pilfering, social engineering, corporate confusion, vacation schedules, pointless meetings, access-badge stealing, security tape tampering, and equipment sabotage are all par for the course. Maybe the first mission would be to secure yourself a cubicle, by way of getting someone fired, killed, retired, transferred, etc, and just causing white-collar bedlam, all without arousing suspicions on your own part.   

       Isn't NWN an overhead, strategy-oriented affair? This game would most certainly have to be strictly first person.
absterge, Oct 28 2002


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