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The DataSend Button

Send stored data over the phone during a voice call
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Many phone calls to companies, government agencies, and so forth include a battery of questions to acquire name, address, phone number, and other details for entry into a database. You may be asked for your SSN, tracking number, credit card number, DOB, or account number, and it can be exhausting to repeat this information, especially if you encounter multiple transfers or if your operator is incompetant. I suggest a storage chip in the phone that we use to send this data securely into the computer system at the touch of a button.

"Thank you for purchasing our product. Would you like to register at this time?"

"Yes, and I can DataSend that to you. Are you ready?"

"Go ahead...Thank you for registering, and have a nice day."

Your phone may connect via WiFi or bluetooth to interface with a software package on your computer that manages your data. Your phone may include a menu system to select which data to send. Enter transfer mode and select the requested information. Alternatively, the phone may have preset buttons for 'Name,' 'Address,' 'Phone,' 'SSN,' and 'Payment.' Deluxe model phones include a bar code scanner to make serial number registration a breeze.

Whether or not telecommunication technology currently permits such a system, I do not know. But it could.

ShaneSezWhat, Jan 03 2010


       Need this, but for security maybe just an automatic dial method you can hit, like redial, but longer with say 150 numbers that encodes your info. Off topic, I think google is adding meta data to email addresses now.
leinypoo13, Jan 03 2010


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