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texting manners resource

Trillions of texts are sent each year globally Many of the authors would like their texts comprehended n appreciated This typical genetic algorithm site plus software tells how to say "i<33u" so the recipient believes you
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shll Icmpre thee 2 a smmrs day thou art more <333333333333 and more temperate

Teenagers allegedly send more than 2200 texts per month there are hundreds of millions of teenagers globally with maybe 30 or 40 million at the US to give more than 700 billion US texts per year. presuming all those handyphones are capable of texting

More than a trillion if we presume persons over 19 also send texts plus have texting capable handyphones

a few trillion per year (maybe 7 trillion or 11 trillion) if we presume other nations use texting

I think a computer resource likely with an online presence could measure the time to a reply call plus guess at the emotional tone of the response thus creating a voluntary effective text guide resource, er a manners guide

newer generation phones could have the software that cues people with what phrasing the manners guide has measured as effective at communicating

It would be kind of nifty plus it would be efficient among those who like getting replies or communicating effectively

if nothing else it is a point of difference between the handyphone makers to promote their handyphones

beanangel, Sep 28 2009

Data as comedy http://www.youtube....watch?v=6ILQrUrEWe8
[beanangel, Sep 28 2009]


       i don't get it: Do you propose a software that outguesses humans on the question of emotional states from a 120-character text? why? how?
loonquawl, Sep 29 2009

       I don't understand this at all
hippo, Sep 29 2009

       Analysis of text phrasing to get the quickest response. Texting is so you don't have to immediately respond. No, I don't want text spam.
wjt, Sep 29 2009

       lol omg total shit wtf
daseva, Sep 29 2009


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