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The Devil's Breath

Cap Gas Flares with fire breathing heads
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Just another art work I would like to do sometime .... is there a category for J.A.A.W.I.W.L.T.D.S.?

The idea is to harness those oil refinery pylons with the huge flames shooting wastefully from them, and supplant the end nozzles with a range of sculpted, cast iron heads. The heads, could point in a number of directions. Some would crane their necks skywards, others would gaze out towards the horizon, but all would have gaping mouths from which would shoot the roaring flames that characterise this hellish apparatus. The nozzles themselves would be contained within the heads, so that the flames are able to make them red hot, glowing in the dark for hours like after-images when the flares were off.

xenzag, Feb 13 2006

Possible styling one: Zardoz http://img.photobuc...Ioraptor/Zardoz.gif
[calum, Feb 14 2006]

Possible styling two: Blessed http://www.stuart.c...s/brian_blessed.jpg
[calum, Feb 14 2006]

Possible styling three: Merryfield http://news.bbc.co....805_fools_bm150.jpg
[calum, Feb 14 2006]


       OK then. If you want.
dbmag9, Feb 13 2006

       Gas gargoyles.
ldischler, Feb 13 2006

       I happen to like this idea. It's not like oil companies don't have the money.   

       Like this category, too...
shapu, Feb 13 2006

       "Hello, it that Devil's Breath Inc.? Yeah, I'd like to order three hellhounds, a Beelzebub and a George Clooney, please."
moomintroll, Feb 13 2006

       I'd like one shaped like a bum...
Jinbish, Feb 13 2006

       This is a world class idea. Toast!
bungston, Feb 13 2006

       Think he'll quit while he's a head?
Scratch that.

       Giant metal Halloween Pumpkins, flaming within.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 14 2006

       Articulated metal dragons that shift and squirm about whilst they breathe fire.
reensure, Feb 14 2006

baconbrain, Feb 14 2006

       The eye of sauron would be fitting.
zeno, Feb 14 2006

       [reensure] - Easy enough. Just have the force of the flame spin a wheel connected to some gears as it blasts though the terrible machine.
shapu, Feb 14 2006


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