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The Pencil: a sculpture exhibition

what do you make of it?
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Artists and other creatifs (is that a french word? seems like it could be) are provided a yellow #2 pencil and asked to make it into art. The variations are displayed as an exhibit.

There could be rules about how much you can add to the pencil. Or maybe not - so if you wanted to make The Discus Thrower out of ambergris with the pencil behind his ear, ok.

bungston, Jan 16 2014

Hexastix http://vimeo.com/38480103
Maybe 72 of the artists could work together [JesusHChrist, Jan 17 2014]

mini pencil sculptures http://twistedsifte...niature-pencil-art/
[xandram, Jan 17 2014]

Keswick pencil museum http://farm1.static...26_847070fa68_o.jpg
[bhumphrys, Jan 19 2014]


       If you replace "pencil" with "ivory", the result is known as "scrimshaw".   

       This Idea might not be sufficiently original to survive.
Vernon, Jan 17 2014

       "Ceci n'est pas un crayon"
8th of 7, Jan 17 2014


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