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The Sphere That Wasn't There

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Imagine a large invisible sphere, say 10-15m diameter. Beneath this invisible sphere, imagine a group of bronzed statues in the form of people holding it up. You can see their efforts in holding up the sphere, even if you can't see the sphere itself.

Now imagine a similar group of bronze statues climbing over the sphere. Some stand on the shoulders of others, some grab an arm or leg, others are merely pushed up against one another. Every statute is touching at least one other in some way. The net effect of this is you have a sort of sphere shaped matrix of bronze statues, all drawn to The Sphere That Wasn't There.

simonj, Nov 16 2007

(?) So I was looking up "bronze statues" in Google Images... http://english.prav...ving_tigers-1817/2/
And it came back with this completely off topic, but incredibly cool, image. I love the internet. [theleopard, Nov 16 2007]

Vigeland monolith http://www.painetwo...ages/hc/hc1711.html
tube of bods [bhumphrys, Nov 16 2007]

(??) Constellation Earth http://images.googl...%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN
Sphere delineated by bronze human forms. Pretty much the same as this proposal, but nothing holding it up. [bungston, Nov 16 2007]

Free floating bronze women http://www.apeldoor...kunst/stienstra.jpg
Not the same, but definately done well all the same. [Ehrm, Nov 21 2007]


       This would look awesome. Have one at the top holding a bronze bun above his head. [+]
theleopard, Nov 16 2007

       It's a good idea, but how would you actually "see" the missing sphere? Surely all the figures holding it up and clambering over it would obscure it?
lostdog, Nov 16 2007

       Nope, the 'people' don't form a solid mass, more like a wire net covering the sphere....sort of like a baloon in a string bag.
simonj, Nov 16 2007

       In remembrance of [xenzag]...
4whom, Nov 16 2007

       Indeed [4whom], it is very [xenzag] isn't it? At least he didn't delete all his ideas, comments and links, mind.
theleopard, Nov 16 2007

       So the invention is a monument of some sort?
phoenix, Nov 16 2007

       A monument to the sphere that wasn't there I suppose.
quantum_flux, Nov 16 2007

       Paul Granlund has done sculptures of the sort you describe. I have linked an image of one. There is another by him which is even more spherelike, with more bodies - I think it is on the campus of the College of St Thomas in Minnesota but I could not find an image.
bungston, Nov 16 2007

GutPunchLullabies, Nov 16 2007

       [phoenix] (underrated city, by the way), if it were a "monument of some sort", it would be under the category "culture - monument", don't you think?
globaltourniquet, Nov 16 2007

       Category ~ culture:art:sculpture   

       is good enough for me.   

       xenzag, Roger Waters (followed by Dave Gilmore in the chorus): Wish you were here.   

       Immediatley followed by: Comfortably Numb.
4whom, Nov 16 2007


       I don't know... you go off and work for a while and while your back's turned, shit happens.   

       [xenzag] : [marked-for-return]   

       By the way, here's a hot bun for your fabulous statue [simonj].
wagster, Nov 16 2007

       what [waggy] said?   

       I didn't see any departure. I demand a recount or something.
po, Nov 16 2007

       Does this not amount to bronzed mimes?
lurch, Nov 17 2007

       Sounds like a great sculpture, but is this really the place for art ideas? After all, the quality of art is all about the execution: you could have a fabulous concept, but be such a lousy sculptor we would all mistake it for a pile of bricks (oh, wait, that's been done).
DrCurry, Nov 18 2007

       [DrCurry] According to the category culture: art: sculpture it is.
simonj, Nov 18 2007

       [lurch] I suggest that the method of construction be to ask lots of mimes to touch a large weather balloon, which you have sneakily filled with liquid nitrogen (you can tell them it's like a keep-your-hand-on-the-car competition). Once you have plenty of mimes in suitable poses, you can burst the balloon and freeze them en-pose. Then liberally spray them with a fine mist of molten bronze. Allow to set and polish to a dull sheen.
marklar, Nov 19 2007

       Obviously a monument to the recently deceased Marcel Marceau, inventor of the Invisible Box. Makes a lot more sense than most of the modern monumental art i've seen ...
batou, Nov 19 2007

       //fine mist of molten bronze// - you mean a fine mist of plaster. You then leave this to set, dissolve the mime's corpse with acid and fill the plaster mould with bronze.
hippo, Nov 19 2007

       At least we can all agree that the mimes won't be missed.
Hunter79764, Nov 19 2007

       So, a mime told me this joke the other day:   




       Bet you didn't see that coming, did you?   

       My take on the xenzag thing is it's just a hiatus, to-be-continued, Terminator "I'll be back" kind of exit. At least that's what I'm hoping for.
Canuck, Nov 19 2007

       Ah.. That was funny, Canuck... Yeah, but off the subject of mimes, this is a neat idea. It would have to be sculpted BRILLIANTLY though or nobody would really care. Just barely have these things touching, like, by the fingernail or something. Here's a different idea- Make a bunch of bronze figures, standing around an invisible object, and throwing bronze tomatoes and crap at it; then the tomato guts are running down and you can imagine a sphere being there. [+]
TahuNuva, Nov 19 2007

       //At least we can all agree that the mimes won't be missed.// I have seen anti-mime sentiments on the hb, and am therefore quite surprised at how well mime-related ideas do here.
lurch, Nov 19 2007

       Where's the turtle? Shouldn't it be standing on a turtle?   

       If it was based on mimes, then they should all be on the inside, trying to get out.   

       //So, a mime told me this joke the other day://
<lol> --> <cb&s> (clutches belly and shakes)
Ling, Nov 20 2007

       I propose a complementary statue in the next plaza, of a single running man in a stripey sweater and domino mask, dwarfed by the spherical contents of the 10m bronze swag bag on his shoulder.
pertinax, Nov 20 2007

       I think this is a wonderful idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 21 2007


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