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The Dummy Ring Eject Handle

Use your cell phone to get you out when you really need to
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This is really just adding a very, very useful feature to the seemingly endless list of useless features on today's modern cell phones.

We've all been in situations we would love to get out of: Running into people you know, but can't remember their name, kissing 2nd string relatives, bad dates, etc. This feature serves as sort of an eject handle for those not-so-special times.

How it works: You discreetly push a button on the external portion of the cellphone, while in your pocket or rummaging through your purse. 15 seconds later it rings at full volume. You politely excuse yourself, dramatically feign conversation with your fictious caller, and extricate yourself from your sticky situation until it subsides or a clear exit strategy can be found.

Someone get this idea to Rumsfeld quick!


benjaminsbox, May 26 2006


       I think it would be more effective at getting out of "sticky situations" if it had a taser, a pepperspray mechanism, Co2 propulsed grappling hooks and a self-destruct command on the cell phone.
jellydoughnut, May 31 2006

       What's with the wierd Baka baka stuff at the end?
theleopard, Sep 07 2007

       My printer sounds a bit like that.
pertinax, Sep 07 2007

       [jellydoughtnut], that's what I'd call a *really* bad date.   

       "Shall I drop you home now, or to the hospital?"
pertinax, Sep 07 2007


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