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The EZ CD Rack

Sort and find your CDs easier than ever before!
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Tired of shuffling through a rack with countless CDs to find the one you want? Have trouble with misplaced cases? Finally, you can have an easy way to deal with it all. The EZ CD Rack! Looks like an ordinary rack...without the mess. Just push a button next to each slot, and a built-in CD tray will roll out like a drawer. Insert your CD, and press again for the tray to slide back in. A simple reader will then get basic data: The name (e.g., "Music Hits Soundtrack" or "Switch It--The Game"), and genre (Music, Game, etc.). This will then appear on a tiny screen above the tray. If you're having trouble loading certain data, try loading it yourself on the built in keypad (next time the CD is inserted, previous data will be retrieved). Just select which tray you put it in (with select button), and type the info. Go from seeing the title to the genre on the screen with the arrow button. There are multiple slots and trays, stacked on top of each other for hands-free previews.


Version 2.0 includes better screen that has the ability to show more than just the CD name. This time, the name is still on top, but an image (such as the album artwork) can be shown on the side on about a 1 square inch color screen. How does it know what to put? This smarter version connects to your computer via USB and can retrieve images. Still has "Select" button and keypad for loading images and other data.

Plus, you can use the same slot for different CDs! Once you go to put one CD in the computer, you see that you left your last one in! Oops! Just press the button for the now empty slot (screen will say so) and stick the old one in the rack and put the next one in the computer. No more dealing with CD cases strewn all over the office!

I think I really need one of these.

BouncyPaw, Jul 06 2009


       [21_Quest]: For some reason, [BouncyPaw] does not want the ease of having the whole music collection in the computer, but rather prefers loading the CD of interest.   

       There were 200-CD changers with title display, but you still had to skip through the CDs - if i get the idea correctly, every CD would have a small display next to it, so the user would not have to interact with the changer to get to read all the titles/additional information.   

       Rather quaint, seeing the wonders of a well-stuffed Itunes, but new to me.
loonquawl, Jul 06 2009

       People still use CDs?
tatterdemalion, Jul 06 2009

       Not just for music CDs, but CDs with software, too! (That's mostly what I would use it for and thought of it...)   

       Didn't realize it was in a way, baked....   

       But yes, [loonquawl], you're correct in the fact that this is like a rack for CDs, as apossed to something you need to push a button to see a different option every time. There are multiple trays and slots...
BouncyPaw, Jul 07 2009


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