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The End Time Machine

The second coming, too early!
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There are plenty of movies where villians try to cause the apocalypse, for their own varied reasons. Usually this is attempted by the production of some great badness, which is thwarted in the nick of time - just like any other badness but on a larger scale.

But what about the Endtime produced by a great Goodness? In this film, one party uses a time machine to rescue Jesus Christ. Shortly after the deposition and interrment, He is whisked to an emergency room in 2012 Boston and brought back to health. But the second coming triggers the Apocalypse! There are people who welcome the Savior and also the Endtime. There are people who like the one but not the other. Did Satan provide that Time Machine? Or God? OR IS THERE NO DIFFERENCE!?! And WWJD?

Moral, metaphysical and mystical musings can be punctuated by sweet CGI Revelations monsters to keep things moving.

bungston, May 25 2011

God Said No http://www.youtube....?v=JgSl32t_kuM&NR=1
the Dan Bern song [sqeaketh the wheel, May 25 2011]

The Greatest Action Story Ever Told http://www.youtube....watch?v=AvnH3_iPATg
[RayfordSteele, May 25 2011]


       What Would Jackie Chan Do...
normzone, May 25 2011

       I want a trilogy made out of Jesus' three days in hell, as well. +
daseva, May 25 2011

       Lyrics to the Dan Bern song: God Said No. See link for music video.   

       I asked God. Do one thing for me. Send me back in time. Send me to Jerusalem. Let me go. Let me go find Jesus. Let me save his life. As they try to kill him. Let me take him down. Down from the cross. Take the iron from his body. Try to heal his wounds. God Said No. If I let you go. If you really found him. Walking with the cross. You would stare. Your tongue no longer working. Eyes no longer seeing. Ears no longer hearing. God said Time. Time belongs to me. Time's my secret weapon. My final advantage. God turned away. From the edge of town. I knew I was beaten. And that now was all I had. God Said No.
sqeaketh the wheel, May 25 2011

       //an emergency room in 2012 Boston// Since he's uninsured, that'll be Boston City Hospital. This isn't going to end well....
mouseposture, May 25 2011

       Reminds me of an excellent Mad TV skit where the Terminator is brought back in time to protect Jesus.
RayfordSteele, May 25 2011

       "Come with me if you want to live forever !" ?
8th of 7, May 26 2011


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