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The Energy!

The energy is polluted!
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It induces a mass convulsive panic. The energy that coarses through all the wires of modern industrial society is polluted. Like the water we drink, The Energy is pumped through power plants and resistive devices, to perform work in all of our dayly lives. The energy is infected with low level residual radiations absorbed from the background quantuum energy fields of all devices networked in the vast electronic grid systems, including all hypermedia including projection rays. Projection rays are found in information media that are intended to directly affect the user. The energy is found in these projection rays, that are not limited to cathode ray television sets. Even headphones that do not function with rays, but with winded coil load resistors are capable of conducting and release the energy in its own radiations. Wire coil heaters, also project large amounts of this tainted energy. It is suspected that particularly reactive batteries are responsible for this contamination. Unfortunately contemplation of 'The Energy! Is barely possible granted the scientific and mathematical abilities of the biological masses whose lives It immeasurable distorts in all ways. The Energy is organized into certain fields, that affect the informative level, and concentrates more heavily in some ideas. Although it is impossible to escape this energy, the Information says that the people that don't die seemingly randomly by its unattributable effects in mass application, are better adapted to surviving the ill effects of the far gone pollution. However, a resistance towards this evolutionary noise, chooses information unpolluted by the epidemic's inherent malevolent strategem. Disconnect yourself from all radiant electronic media if you wish to be saved from Irradiation by 'The Energy!, and its noise.
rcarty, Sep 14 2013

Hallfbakery: Mass Hysteria for the Greater Good Hysteria_20for_20the_20greater_20good_2e
Presents an interesting ethical question: is disproportionate reaction based on unjustified certainty a necessary process in justfying certainty? [rcarty, Sep 14 2013]

90% of plants left handed http://www.cosmosma...-handed-study-says/
[JesusHChrist, Sep 15 2013]

Nietzsche http://en.m.wikiquo...Friedrich_Nietzsche
"... And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you." [8th of 7, Sep 17 2013]


       [Marked-For-Deletion] No Idea.
MechE, Sep 14 2013

       Both of you are brainwashed by the energy. Bigsleep is relating discourses to regulation of the body, and is a fascist. Ytk also. The energy requires greater bodily regulation to make up for the entropies of its adverse effects including cancer.   

       I'm working on such an energy right now that I can produce just by connecting a power supply to its generator. Its an antienergy device to destroy the pollutant.
rcarty, Sep 14 2013

       [rcarty], I say this with brotherly love and the utmost respect for your accomplishments, without denying your unique brilliance, as one madman to another:   

       Get some sleep.
Alterother, Sep 14 2013

       You're all being bodily regulation age discursive regulationists, f'real.
rcarty, Sep 14 2013

       I agree with this idea.
JesusHChrist, Sep 14 2013

       I agree with this. I think it must have started with metal wheels -- we are tangling up the e-m spectrum, and every year it gets exponentially worser. There is on solution, already intuited by Whirling Dirvishes, which is to be really gentile about sensing the tangledness of your immediate surroundings, and then spin, or just gently turn, even just think, in the untangling direction.
JesusHChrist, Sep 14 2013

       Maybe it's the underlying ethos of capitalism of adapting to new technologies in various ways, and the accelerated adaptiveness accelerates change on a cultural level, and the entire discoursive adaptive category, that is a behvioural science related to learning, and the significations produced by conclusive scientific signifiers of truth power. Really it's about truth power, and how methodoligies for signifying truth, and producing truth power that is discoursively powerful, but also powerful towards the regulation of the body, and the entirety of bodily actions and the variation of actions and how those compose a society.
rcarty, Sep 15 2013

       ...or maybe it's the shrooms.
Alterother, Sep 15 2013

       Maybe it is. But that's a deobjectification like saying maybe it's the book to a beliver of God, not like saying maybe it's you, which is a personalization, or saying maybe you're crazy which is a depersonalization. However believing in god requires some degree of depersonalization to be god in some levels of decision making.
rcarty, Sep 15 2013

       I just read an article on the internets that says that 90% of people are right handed while 90% of plants are left handed. I dont know if it is true but it would certainly make a lot of sense. I know that most plants seem to twist in one direction. Someone told me once that this was becuase they followed the sun, but that article says it is not true. Watching the way plants twist is a good way to get in the intuitive mood to observe things like messy rooms and see how there is a similar thing going on -- how you can see the general twist of any system by giving it the old george bush squinty-eyes long distance view. i had an art teacher in highschool (who told me not to pursue art as a career) who also told me that that was the way the impressionists painted -- by learning to squint relaxedly for hours on end and just paint what you see, because your brain the most powerful instrument in the universe and it will fill in the gaps in a much more interesting way. So I think you can do that with any system - just squint at it and figure out which way it is twisting, and then with that knowledge, either slowly twist things the other way and see how things feel, or twist the way things are twisted -- to get a feel for how you are connected to the bigger picture. This goes for turning your whole body or just changing the handedness with which you figure eight as your eyes go across the page when you are reading something, or you can start rearranging things around you to take apart or increase their twist. It is easiest with things like messy rooms because they are easily rearrangeable. Plants are kind of harder because they are hardwired that way. But being with plants and i dont neccessarily mean ingesting them, but just watching the way they twist will get you in an intuitive mindset for seeing things like the way all of the handedness-es of the individual letters in a paragraph contribute to its overall twist and how this relates to its surroundings etc.   

       Another good playground for this is arranging a pile of different colored cards (I started with a pile of old LP albums) by swirling them around. Each choice you make, if you squint at it, can be simplified into a rearrangement of red, blue and yellow/green, so as you reach for a place in the pile, you can divide it into thirds, by which is more blue/red/or yellow-green, and then just switch two of the colors, and do whatever you can with your hand to effect a change in that direction. It doesn't matter if you do exactly what you predict because there are all different levels at which the choice can be made. And then if you get in a habit of making the same choice every time, like making a move to interchange the blue and the red, then you can apply that to all of your motion - the way your body moves to occlude a multicolored background etc.
JesusHChrist, Sep 15 2013

       So what you're saying is it's how all energy in organizing society is directed towards certain ideas and values and it's that energy that works against those who the energy hasn't worked on.   

       Anyway, the best science fiction is paranoid speculation.
rcarty, Sep 15 2013

       We think this is a good idea, except it should be done by The Government.
8th of 7, Sep 15 2013

       I think I'm going to get some sleep. Just to be safe.
AusCan531, Sep 15 2013

       Energy exists in multiple forms of course, including light-energy, sound-energy, time-energy, and kinesthetic self-directed power (alternate form of energy). Like motion through space, energy transfer across space time can only be expressed by a relative function, flowing energy transfer from a greater source to a lesser (or a lesser to a greater following an active process). But not just within a given moment but across multiple such moments which collectively we perceive as passage of time and thus our consciousness. To say that an Energy Form is polluted is an unacceptably vague statement! Those who understand the flow and passage of such a “pollution” wouldn't agree that it is the energy itself that has undergone adulteration. It is instead an increased flaw in our ability to take in such energy that leads us, via a tremendous (and tremendously common) lack of introspection to say that it must be the Energy itself that is invalid, because when we apply it to our selves it has no intended effect or even an unintended active effect in directly bringing about a change in the matter/energy dynamic. Describing energy as being arranged in fields is a convenient lie —a half-truth propagated so those who have inaccurate conceptions related to Energy can better wrap their brains around what is both an abstract concept and the most concrete foundational principle that our Universe as we know it relies upon. A field is nothing more than a conceptual construct wherein energy is described as occupying space, but we know that energy cannot occupy the same space as matter, but matter can contain energy. Or can it? The energy exists but does not. You will see heat flowing through an object seeking out the cold, but how does the heat know where to go? It's simply programmed that way by the laws of Nature. But the laws of Nature of course can be changed by man to suit our needs. Technology provides us means to refine and change energy but also a means to filter and purify it or pollute it if we so choose. As long as we continue to think of energy as being arranged in fields it will of course seem polluted however, because having energy contaminated with matter is like pouring a teaspoon of sewage into a barrel of wine yielding a barrel of sewage. But what if we could separate the sewage from the wine, so this adage would no longer hold true? We can, but we first must acknowledge that it is our thinking and perceptual model of the wine (the Energy) that is flawed, not the wine itself. This is a very difficult concept to hold in your brain, and for good reason. The brain, being made of matter, doesn't understand Energy in the physical realm. Yet it is a conduit for energy, and thus Energy. So why can we not see it before us? The answer requires us to go back to the ancient religions of long-forgotten cultures, who first looked up at the stars and asked Why? But Why was the wrong question of course. They should have asked instead When? And yet we, descended from their small apelike minds, have retained this discursive cultural bias. It is ironic (in the traditional sense of the word) that we continue to seek answers by asking Why and How and What, but the scientific community has largely ignored the question of When, though that is the most important question to have contemplated! Through When lies the answers if there are any. Once we have accepted that the Energy is neither good nor bad, but simply has been since existence, then we have isolated for a single variable, the temporal constraint. Energy (that is, energy) has a physical form, but Energy does not. Without a physical form, how can it be constrained by so petty a thought as the passage of time? One hesitates to say that the Theory of Everything so long sought lies in computational calculus, but it seems the only obvious solution upon consideration. If you isolate a single variable into nonexistence, you can remove it from your equation. Repeat until all you are left with is the Energy, and there you will find your answer. But how to perceive it? The simple but unfortunate answer is you can't. Until humanity has learned to transcend its physical self, how can you hope to perceive of the substrate of space-time itself? But we know it must be there (as they say, it's turtles all the way down) because we have the ability to know that its there. Something must be supporting the turtle at the very bottom. And indeed, there is, but its the turtle at the TOP. This is not to suggest any curvature of Energy through space-time—quite the opposite, in fact. It is because Energy migrates at a constant pace that we know that the Energy is static, and thus cannot curve. What we perceive as its constant motion is really our relative journey through Energy. Galileo realized that we orbit the Sun in a circle, but he failed to understand the ramifications of this fact. Why a circle? What's so special about that shape. The reality is that a circle is no better than a square or a trapezoid or an irregular dodecagon. Circles are important because the link between Energy and our perception of Energy moves in an n-dimensional coordinate system (or rather, it is us that moves, but our perception naturally moves with us). For a given n, our perception being three dimensional is n-1, which is to say planar motion. But this fails to account for our temporal movement. You could think of the Energy as the fuel that pushes us through time, but this would be inaccurate as well. It might well be impossible to come up with a suitable analogy, because the crude stone tools provided by our language are inadequate to convey notions of nonphysicality. So think of the Energy as a kite that pulls us along a stream of matter in an inverted canoe, and you'll begin to be ready to acknowledge that you have no hope of understanding Energy. That's why it is perceived as corrupted (or in the vernacular, polluted)—we have no faculty to understand things we cannot see or describe, and assume the fault must lie outside our senses.
ytk, Sep 16 2013

       GETCHER PARAGRAPH BREAKS! GET'EM RIGHT HERE! 5 for the price of 3. Today only. Get'em before they're all gone.
AusCan531, Sep 16 2013

       What in great green fuck got into the water today?   

       Is it those brain eating amoeba? Is it acid? Is it brain eating amoeba on acid? Maybe that new weaponised Russian nerve gas, RANTunol.
Custardguts, Sep 16 2013

       it's the energy...   

       rcarty's restraint in the annos is reassuring to me. Reading it was frightening and I did not want to leave an anno. Concepts like this come from a place which can be stimulating to visit but which is very unpleasant for permanent residents.
bungston, Sep 16 2013

       I can imagine using some of this text as wallpaper - I mean, actual wallpaper on walls, not desktop background. Only in a small room, though.
pertinax, Sep 16 2013

       Even though the final sentence in the idea proves that [rcarty] doesn't believe this idea himself - the fact that this idea arrived on my screen electromagnetically proves out the concept. I'm thinking "no, no, it's too stupid crazy can't be" and yet there it is, right there on my screen as inescapable as a goldfish on the linoleum in front of the tank...   

       [rcarty] - you're making it worse, you know
lurch, Sep 16 2013

       Pertinax should post the paranoid wallpaper idea.   

       The energy pollution is far gone, it's too late, everyone has too much energy, and live to do its bidding.
rcarty, Sep 17 2013

       //everyone has too much energy//   

       Not in my house, mate. ... except the spaniel.
pertinax, Sep 17 2013

       Last night I got really high on OG Skunk and read this idea again. It didn't make any more sense than the first time, but it was a different, more profound brand of nonsense.
Alterother, Sep 17 2013

       I smoked a little bud out of an apple rind pipe before I wrote it. I got really into (krelnik)'s skepticism website and some other sites of interest after Voice's idea about mass hysteria and I decided to write a paranoid speculation that rationalizes peoples adverse reactions into the delusion. The best kind.   

       You've made it no secret that you have some psychosis and mental health issues. Psychdelic consumption, experimentation, examination has always been discursively tied to psychiatry and thus mental health. Usually people with certain disorders are now dissuaded from using, but my own experience with psychotic persons, and this is not medical advice, is that using antipsychotics can allow afflicted people to use marijuana and other psychaedelics. I experimented quite a bit and keep antipsychotic medication on hand, although not for regular use. There's a fascinating field of academic work that I like to read that encompasses this it includes Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary, Foucault and others.
rcarty, Sep 17 2013

       // getting too close to the edge //   

8th of 7, Sep 17 2013

       I've noticed, sometimes you have called me out on the schizophrenia of messing up first second and third person singulars and plurals. But that schizophrenia is actaually caused by feminists, because I actually try not to use 'he' and end up using 'they' but the rest of the text is written in the singular. I can't bring myself to use s/he. It's a bad habit but so is using 'he', and it's more postmodern being a schizophrenic anyway.
rcarty, Sep 17 2013

       // schizophrenia is actaually caused by feminists //   

       More correctly, "Madness is caused by women".
8th of 7, Sep 17 2013

       I'm still not sure why I got called a fascist and a discursive regulationist before I even said anything.   

       Also, [rcarty], you still haven't addressed my lucid and perfectly comprehensible critique of this idea above. I can only conclude that you must be a dialogical solipsist.
ytk, Sep 17 2013

       I thought MechE was you in my delerium. Fascist is just a funny all purpose mentally insane thing to call people. I'll comment on your comment after rereading. I thought you were just streaming consciousness.   

       OK I reread it and basically boil it down to matters of perception and how percieving disordered workings are likely caused by disordered perceptions, for in fact ordered perceptions can be used to uncover the ordered workings of the universe, and as you say adjust them.
rcarty, Sep 17 2013

       Come to think of it, I may well have been. But “dialogical solipsist” just seemed like an appropriate counter to “discursive regulationist”.   

       //I thought MechE was you in my delerium.//   

       We do look a lot alike.
ytk, Sep 17 2013


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