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Efficiently double utility and price of package of soap
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This is an Invention to efficiently double the utility, attractiveness, and sales price of a box of soap powder (dish-washer soap). An ordinary box of dish-washer soap is a 2x6x11" (ca 5x15x28 cm) pasteboard carton, with one metal spout that can be opened for dispensing product. The metal spout usually is located near the top of one of the 2x11" edges of the box.

The present invention consists of adding a second (slightly smaller) spout, located near the top of the 2x11" edge that does not already have a spout. The invention further consists of separate coloring and instructions for each spout, to wit: The half of the package toward the larger spout is brightly colored, eg red or pink, and labeled "Heavy Duty!", "Use 1/5 cup for best results!", "Super Great!", etc. The other half is colored green, and labeled (eg) "Environmentally Correct!", "Use 1/8 cup for best results!", "Double the Dishes! Wash Twice As Many Light Loads!", etc.

Note 1. The idea of this invention can be applied to liquid dishwasher soap as well. Note 2. This invention is completely different from devices like grated parmesan dispenser lids with sprinkle and scoop openings, as such openings are always both the same color, and moreover do nothing toward doubling the sales price of the item.

jwpat7, Feb 19 2011


       Rather like "sugar free" versus "no artificial sweeteners" with the minor detail of being the complete opposite.   

       Maybe a bar of soap could have something printed on each side to a similar effect.
nineteenthly, Feb 19 2011

       Perhaps intended as humor, but as the cunning squirt mouthwash into the inline cup people know, this is actually possible.
beanangel, Feb 10 2020


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