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Time Release Christmas Wrap

Magically Evaporates Dec 25, 14:00 Local Time
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O.K., those of you with kids know what a mess the den or living room becomes after Christmas morning. Now you can wrap your gifts in paper that cleans itself up! It should evaporate based on timing received by ribbon like or microscopic receivers built into the papers pattern. All that's left is a bit of dust or other non-toxic residue.

Only problem is for retailers that can't sell all of this years stock (automatic capital loss?) or the leftovers in your closet. But think of the time (and wear and tear on your back) saved!

wasraw, Dec 26 2000


       Couldn't you achieve most of this with a blanket over or an opaque garbage bag full of presents? Would also save buying all that wrap and doing all that wrapping. What's the point of wrapping at all unless someone is going to appreciate it? If you want pretty presents under the tree, maybe we could have a lot of pre-wrapped boxes that we just store in the attic and reuse every year like decorations!
lee, Jan 18 2001

       How about garbage bags with seasonal decorations printed on them for big presents that don't wrap easily ? You could put those awkward presents in a festive plastic garbage bag, tie it up with a big bow and put it under the tree. Come Christmas morning the kiddies could slip the gift out of the bag and then Mom and Dad could put the wrapping paper from all the other gifts right into a convenient and festive trash bag and out to the curb where it would be a bright and festive addition to the post-holiday scene.
artsygeorgia2, Dec 27 2010

       The simplest solution is to not give or receive gifts.
pocmloc, Dec 27 2010


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