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Welcome Disaffected American Celebrities Day

A week long Canadian celebration once every four years.
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Every 4 years we have to listen to celebrities in this country threatening to move to Canada if candidate X gets elected. Despite the hundreds of high profile blowhards threatening to do so, not one famous person has ever followed through with their "threat".

So for 1 week every 4 years after the presidential election, Canadian border towns would decorate their border crossings with posters of Cher, George Clooney, Johnny Depp etc saying "Welcome new Canadians!"

The festivities would include reporters standing at the border giving regular celebrity watch updates. "Still no sign of any celebrities eh? Back to you Bob."

Plus there'd be barbecues, booze and pie.

doctorremulac3, Jul 11 2016

Randy Quaid tries it both ways. http://edition.cnn....aid-vermont-arrest/
You know, to give the 'Star Whackers' the slip. [AusCan531, Jul 11 2016]


       I'd vote for that. A "money where your mouth is" campaign.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 11 2016

       Tell us more about the // barbecues, booze and pie. //   

       Will they be free ?
8th of 7, Jul 11 2016

       No, being Canadian in origin, they will be subject to higher tax rates. However, they will be just as brave, yet less celebrated, and contain no corn syrup.
RayfordSteele, Jul 11 2016

       //Tell us more about the barbecues, booze and pie. //   

       //Will they be free ?//   

       Canada's a socialist country. Everything's free.
doctorremulac3, Jul 11 2016

       No, [Ian]. Not "everything else". Pretty much everything can (perhaps should) be labeled "Does not contain some ingredients."
lurch, Jul 11 2016

       //Pretty much everything can (perhaps should) be labeled "Does not contain some ingredients."//   

       But... _everything_ contains some ingredients.   

       //Canada's a socialist country.//   

       What?????!!!!! Canada's a country?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 11 2016

       Ok, that's even better:   

       "Contains some ingredients. Does not contain some ingredients."
lurch, Jul 11 2016

       Perhaps just "Contains contents" would eliminate any ambiguities.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 11 2016

       I think you're thinking about homeopathy.   

       Yep - you're definitely thinking about homeopathy.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 11 2016

       ... but only a very, very tiny bit.
8th of 7, Jul 11 2016

       Oh it's true. Many US celebrities do -try- to cross the border into Canada. Canadian border services typically begin stockpiling ammo in late August of US election years. Depends on the year, as early winter onset tends to keep the numbers down. Last election year they winged Ted Nugent.
the porpoise, Jul 11 2016

       It's just totally unfair the way that the border guys get first shots ... and the bag limits are way too low, the close season is too long, and worst of all there are few if any major awards ceremonies because "You're not allowed to bait 'em". Spoilsports.
8th of 7, Jul 11 2016

       Randy Quaid followed through - alhough only for 5 years. [link]. After further consideration, Quaid might not qualify as disaffected as he seems fully affected. As by what, your guess is as good as mine.
AusCan531, Jul 11 2016

       Maybe they only appear on the Pokemon Go app?
RayfordSteele, Jul 11 2016


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