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The Furies

Who guards the guardians? These guys.
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In the near future, the President of the United States authorizes the creation of bands of autonomous terrorist- fighting mercenaries. These bands operate under the radar, unaccountable to law enforcement, infiltrating terrorist organizations and conducting armed attacks against them.

Recognizing the potential for abuse, she also authorizes a second, secret, more intensely trained force. This force - called "the Furies," after the avenging spirits of Greek mythology - is charged with keeping an eye on the first group, and taking out any operatives that "go rogue" and start using their power in harmful ways.

After a while, of course, the guys in the first group catch on to the existence of the Furies... and so do the terrorists. Deadly games ensue. Double, triple, and quadruple agents, plots within plots, wheels within wheels. Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys becomes very difficult to sort out. What happens if the Furies themselves become corrupt?

smendler, Sep 25 2014

The perfect president to support this idea http://drmcninja.co...chives/comic/28p11/
[normzone, Sep 25 2014]


       You need three competing groups for stability. They don't have to be secret. One of the reasons we didn't have World War 3 instead of the Cold War was because China was actually a third contender; it wasn't just US vs USSR. Triangles are generally quite stable.   

       So, each of your three groups needs to have the same authority/responsibility, for appropriately watching/affecting each other, but they also need distinct group-identities, the way, say, Ford and Chevy owners identify themselves as belonging to different groups (and better than the other guys, of course).
Vernon, Sep 25 2014

       Too much like real life.
xandram, Sep 25 2014

       See link to meet President Funkhouser. She's bad.   

       Oddly enough, while searching for the link I copied for that link, I came across a user account page for [funkhauser].   

       Created April 17 2002, this person never posted an idea or annotated. Interesting...(I'm easily interested, I guess).
normzone, Sep 25 2014


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