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The Steve Irwin hour

"Look at the eyes....."
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For those of you who don't know, Steve Iriwn is an insane austrailian mad man who has been on u.k screens for a while now (not sure about u.s?). He follows dangerous things and then catches them just to tell us how dangerous they are. A prime example of an Irinwesque comment would be "This little critter can bite a mans hand off in one go so I'll just pick him up with this here stick and bring him up close to me so I can get a good look at him".

Anyway, the Steve Irwin hour would be about 45 mins of our man Irwin trying to catch elusive/potentially dangerous animals in their natural environment. I'm thinking things from crocodiles to gang land mobsters, all these would be tracked and caught in the traditional Irwin way. Piss them off and then grab them and show it to the camera.

The last 15 mins would be devoted to Irwin fans/type people. Me and my friend regularly spoof this crazy man with a video camera, so a home video of the week slot could also be in there.

"I really think that this male is getting annoyed, so I'll just make myself look big and threatening and then attempt to engage him in combat...."

kaz, Oct 07 2001

The Crocodile Hunter fan-site http://www.jeffmajor.com/croc/
Complete with "Steve killed by tiger" rumour. [pottedstu, Oct 07 2001]

Steve Irwin, 44, killed by Stingray during filming http://www.cnn.com/...ia.irwin/index.html
Not a joke, sadly. Condolences to his family and many fans. [jutta, Sep 04 2006]

Tribute website http://www.ripsteve.com/
[jutta, Sep 05 2006]


       could he be the answer to the Bin Laden problem?
po, Oct 07 2001

       Isn't this already a show?
Deity, Oct 07 2001

       serious question - what did you think of croc dundee?
po, Oct 07 2001

       Baked: Steve Irwin show.   

       Baked: 7,000,000 Steve Irwin parodies on TV.   

       Baked: Steve Irwin getting bitten by poisonous reptiles.
pottedstu, Oct 07 2001

       Actually, in the US its called The Crocodile Hunter. And yes, he is mad. But he loves what he does (how could he not with that enthusiasm) and he is a real animal conservationist. I say good for him, the show is fairly amusing, and one can only HOPE to see him get his arse bit off.
zencoder, Oct 08 2001

       <John Cleese>Are you mad?</John Cleese>
You can have Irwin. While you're at it, could you please take pop-up windows, elevator muzak, fart gas, PMS, ...

       You know what the sad thing for Australia is? Our two greatest cultural ambassadors are Ian Thorpe, a swimmer and Steve Irwin, a man who, if he blocks his nostrils and tilts his head in just the right way, can change the tone of the wind blowing in one ear and out the other.
sdm, Oct 08 2001

       sdm: I think you are forgeting Rolf Harris and Dame Edna, although such an omission is understandable ...
Aristotle, Oct 08 2001

       I don't want steve irwin, I just want to laugh at him more. His show isn't played on tv where I am anymore, its a shame really coz he's actually alright, and like zencoder said hes a real animal conservationist.
kaz, Oct 09 2001

       I just feel sorry for his wife (Terry I think) who was made to run around drive trucks and generally put herself in harms way while she was visibly pregnant. He IS entertaining though I'll give him that....
<evil grin> Mostly because while he is still doing these things there is a chance that a croc will get him one day </evil grin>
The_Englishman_Abroad, Oct 09 2001

       Why settle for just an hour?   

       He's set to star as himself in a movie called "Collision Course". No word if Terry makes an appearance.   

       (Interestingly, when I typed the word "course", I somehow mis-typed "corpse" instead.)
mrkillboy, Oct 11 2001

       He'd probably make a good bounty hunter....
Pretoria, Jan 11 2002

       I'm just glad nobody mentioned that godawful olympics brat Niki Webster...   

madradish, Jan 11 2002

       I like it! I think he is entertaining, compassionate and loves what he does. Would rather watch Irwin than half the garbage on TV today.
Shazzba, Feb 12 2002

       I'm pretty sure there's already a Steve Irwin hour on Animal Planet.   

       Irwin's insanity makes the show much more fun to watch than other nature/animal shows.
krazykartoonist, Apr 30 2002

po, Sep 04 2006

       True, but not an entirely unexpected way to go.
DrBob, Sep 04 2006

       I was going to ask if it was a coincidence that this was posted today, but... yeah.
ihope127, Sep 04 2006

       Bloody bizzare is another way of putting it. I've spent a fair amount of time around stingrays, and more in areas where you'd expect to see them. When you're in a croc/shark/jellyfish area, you think, ok, these things can kill me. When you look at a stingray, you think "this could slow me down a bit, maybe need a few stiches and an overnight at hospital" - no small matter, but you really don't think about potential lethality. I've never felt cause to run away from or go to any effort to avoid a stingray. ever. They're normally so placid.   

       As someone who has met steve more than once, as a fellow aussie, and I suppose, somewhat of a fan/admirer my heart really goes out to his wife and kids. I was truly shocked when I heard the news yesterday; he was just up here the other day.   

       A great loss for us all.
Custardguts, Sep 05 2006

       I hate that he had to go that way.
I stepped on one 15 years ago and still get a jolt of terror for a second every time something touches me in the ocean (much of the water in US Gulf Coast is not clear enough to see the bottom).

       For anyone who doesn't know, it's a good idea to keep your feet on the bottom while walking and scoot them when you stride so to warn rays to get out of the way.   

       I stepped on a small one & never did see it. The "sting" didn't really hurt so much, it was just the poison that started hurting worse & worse over time. I don't really like hospitals or pain medications (I never took any for the broken collar bone), but I nearly got on my knees to beg them for something for the pain caused by a small stingray.   

       It's very sad to hear of someone like him passing.
Zimmy, Sep 05 2006

       The wild man will be missed.   

       Somewhere out there is the most famous stingray ever.
baconbrain, Sep 05 2006

       Even the wild things will miss the wild man; A true conservationist.
Shz, Sep 05 2006

       Steven is a god. I dressed as him for Halloween 6 years ago (well, actually it wasn't Halloween) and people remembered that for years.   

       I really would not want to see the video of his death, but could you imagine?
sleeka, Sep 06 2006

       Too weird. I also dressed as him for Halloween. It was about 6 years ago. I had a 'captured' stuffed Barney with a rope around it to complete the outfit.
RayfordSteele, Sep 06 2006


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