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The Glamorous Paris Hilton

They are internet super-savvy, hip, buzzed out, jacked up, and hotwired, hyped over, and caffeinated to the point of distraction.
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So How are we going to advertise to these damn kids?!! Maybe it is time for a new approach in advertising. How about…

Hey there you cynical moronic Vidheads!! There are 30 products mentioned or shown in this upcoming 30 second commercial. Can you find them all? If you can, MAKE A LIST!!

Then, write a really long formal essay (15 words or less) on one of the products that you don’t use but are thinking of using and why! Don’t worry. Spelling doesn’t count!!

The winner gets to spend an all-expense-paid weekend in The Glamorous Paris Hilton!! At the Ramada Inn. Security deposit, Pet deposit, room service, breakage, or lawsuits will not be covered in this promotion. Hidden Hi-8 camera extra.

r_kreher, Jul 18 2008


       This is just dumb.
jhomrighaus, Jul 18 2008

lostdog, Jul 18 2008

       really? I thought it was cool.
r_kreher, Jul 18 2008

       The first paragraph makes absolute sense. On a recent business plan discussion, my 16 yr old brother piped up; "But who watches those Infomercials." Upon some investigation, it appears he doesn't even look instore for purchasing inspiration.   

       Amazing response from his age group seems to be product placements, either in real life, youtub3, or gaming.   

       [r_kreher], google Seth Godin if you want better ideas than a "spot the ball" in a youtube clip. And leave the essays out, as you said these kids suffer sensory overload, Txt it 4 bg rslts!
4whom, Jul 18 2008

       I read him quite a while back!! He (obviously) left a great impression on me. I read his "Unleashing the Idea Virus" If I can find it I think I'll re-read it.   

       Thanks 4whom!!
r_kreher, Jul 18 2008

       By the way, Mr T. Belltolls, (heh) did you ever read Wilson Bryan Key? He wrote about subliminal advertising. I thought it was so incredible that lots of people (including me) would stare at an ad for hours, looking for subliminal messages that mostly weren't there!! Some ads were even shown in college classes, blown up, projected in a darkend theatre. Now THERE is an idea virus!!
r_kreher, Jul 18 2008

       //weekend in The Glamorous Paris Hilton!!//   

       I think it might be best if you asked her first - you've got to hand it to her though, she is dedicated.   

       [and another thing] Hasn't the idea of a promotional competition been done before? What exactly is new about this, except for the detail about having sex with a minor celebrity? (not that that's not been done before either)
zen_tom, Jul 18 2008

       I like the idea of a contest to identify the products. The answer should not be an essay (what is this, the 1950s??) but another video, also incorporating all the products. Winner will be judged by number of correctly included products and quality of video. Paris may or may not want to participate but a stunt double could be hired. A comparable male celebrity should be included for those participants so inclined.
bungston, Jul 18 2008

       [Bungston) That was the main (thrust) of the idea, the contest to identify products. Contestants would have to watch the ad over and over and over again. Costs could be shared as well. That Paris Hilton stuff was just jive. I always try to jazz up my ideas here at the bakery. I'm still not very popular though. (oh well)   

       Male Celebrity?? No Problem. Ryan Seacrest.
r_kreher, Jul 18 2008


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