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The Golden Oldies View

For the Quiet and Unassuming Brilliant Idea.
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So...Tails For All is back on the recent page again. I can't be the only halfbaker that's getting tired of seeing the same ten ideas pop up on the recent page with monotonous regularity, so that someone could add "what a good idea", "this idea sucks" or something that's already been extensively debated when the idea originally came out. IMHO we need to see some ideas being churned that haven't been seen in a while. This is why I propose a view which is similar to the best list except that it only shows the ideas that haven't been updated in a certain amount of time (say 3 or 6 months for example).

Of course, this view could already be made by any halfbaker who has figured his way to creating his own views (I figure that it would take a list of all ideas modified in the past 6 months, and a second view to inverse that ordered by vote). Unfortunately the perpetrators of this dredging are, for the vast majority, only a few days into their accounts, and won't have figured out how to make views yet. The solution here would be to make this view a standard option on the starting list of views. For the sake of not overcrowding, you could probably delete one to even it out. It could arguably take the place of 'best', although that still serves a purpose. Better yet, does anyone ever actually use 'by name'?

hidden truths, Apr 26 2006

Last 6 Months of Annotated Ideas http://www.halfbake...0of_20Modifications
[hidden truths, Apr 26 2006]

Golden Oldies View http://www.halfbake..._206_20months_2e:t=
Need to save the other view for this to work. Only 3 of the top 10 remain. [hidden truths, Apr 26 2006]


       Heh, I just hit random and this came up ;)
skinflaps, Apr 26 2006

       each time they re-appeared they could be a little bit grayer and smaller, until they faded out completely.... +
xenzag, Apr 26 2006

       The great crash is a big issue for any kind of fair ranking system for the halfbakery. I was suggesting that they be ordered by votes, but I will edit the idea if anyone can come up with a more appropriate system.
hidden truths, Apr 26 2006

       By ideas with >x # of annotation characters, because those the are the ideas that you're addressing.   

       Or, if you have the time on your hands, you could create a complicated algorithm that generates a score for each annotation character based upon its lifetime and the seniority of the user who posted the character, and then tally up the score.   

       But I don't think anyone here has that kind of time.
Cuit_au_Four, Apr 27 2006

       Not at all [Cuit_au_Four], there are plenty of ideas with boat loads of annotations that I'd still welcome every once in a while (Motel Darwin for example, has a long finished argument, but makes a fascinating read if you have a few spare hours). My beef is really with the Top 10, because it's them that invariably turn up again and again. Panic PIN for example, rarely goes more than a month without turning up on the recent page.   

       This just seemed like an objective way to create a view without the usual suspects without just creating the same problem with ideas #11-20.
hidden truths, Apr 27 2006

       I've long since removed the "best" idea from the default equipment of new accounts. If you all simply remove the "best" links from your settings, and never go there, it all should turn out okay.
jutta, Apr 27 2006

       I had no idea [jutta]. I was just assuming from the fact that it turns up when you aren't logged in.
hidden truths, Apr 27 2006


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