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# of Annos View

I'd use it
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My favorite ideas are those that get a lot of discussion. Ideas like the fish ball and blackholepult, but also ideas that are actively being discussed. I'd like a way to filter by number of annotations, to see what ideas have more than, say, 50. Add to that a time measure - like "within the last day", and I wouldn't miss any hot ideas.
Worldgineer, Mar 17 2005


       I don't think I would use this as a filter, but it would be moderately interesting to have the number of annotations visible somewhere.
waugsqueke, Mar 17 2005

       How about a heat map of the whole shebang? You could probably brew it up with the RSS feed, code and a bit of ingenuity.
bristolz, Mar 17 2005

       Doing it logarithmically might be better then.
Detly, Mar 17 2005

       Heat map would be nice, seeing which buns were still hot out the oven so to speak.
zen_tom, Mar 17 2005

       You could turn the heat map into kind of a trading balance, if you weren't happy that it would fit styleistically.
scubadooper, Mar 17 2005

       Bad idea - it would encourage a "follow the herd" mentality in annotating ideas and mean that more ideas would slip off the recent list, unannotated and unnoticed.
hippo, Mar 17 2005

       Unless you're contrarian and favor azure.
bristolz, Mar 17 2005

       Surely the less hot ideas wouldn't fall off the list, they'd just be further down it. Suffling ideas around at the top wouldn't effect the length of the list
scubadooper, Mar 17 2005

       I'm just talking about a view, not a view to replace all views. I'd likely set up an opposite view as well, to churn some of the older ideas that missed critical focus.   

       I like the heat map idea - a fire/ice icon or just link color would work well, but may detract from the simple HB look.
Worldgineer, Mar 17 2005

       You could have a pie with varying numbers of steam-lines to denote hotness.
zen_tom, Mar 17 2005

       might look like a cow pat
po, Mar 17 2005

       [po] that might suit some ideas
scubadooper, Mar 17 2005

       I thought this was a great idea unti I read [hippo]'s anno. I can't really bone it though as I would still use it if I had it.
wagster, Mar 17 2005

       [hippo], this option if implemented the right way could also let you filter to show only ideas with no (or very few) annotations.
Random832, Mar 28 2005


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