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My Vote display

Option for views
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If I am looking at a list of ideas such as a category page, user page, or search page, I would like to know if I have voted on it and what I voted. I propose a little + or - sign beside ideas that tells me what I have voted on the idea, as well as the usual croissants/fishbones telling me what everyone else has voted.
-----, Feb 25 2005

voted on view http://www.halfbake...0on:i=:t=voted_20on
[Worldgineer, Feb 25 2005]

voted for view http://www.halfbake...or:i=:t=voted_20for
[Worldgineer, Feb 25 2005]

voted against view http://www.halfbake...=:t=voted_20against
[Worldgineer, Feb 25 2005]

didn't vote on view http://www.halfbake...idn_27t_20vote_20on
[Worldgineer, Feb 25 2005]


       I want to vote everyday on the top ten important issues in this cowtown/megalopolis that I live in, as do many other concerned citizens that live here. We would like the results flashing on a colourful LED display near the entrances to the cow palaces/wall malls.   

       We feel that career politicians fear daily voting machines and will move on to another planet.
mensmaximus, Feb 25 2005

       I haven't played a whole lot with the veiws on this site but I think you can configure one to show you only ideas that you have voted on if that helps.   

       There are a few views for you. You can also set up a "didn't vote for" and "didn't vote against" view. You can further refine these, for instance by filtering for [----]'s ideas that you haven't yet voted for, or ideas in the "food:ha ha dangerous" category you haven't yet voted against.
Worldgineer, Feb 25 2005

       But you can't see them all at once and distinguish how you voted.
Detly, Feb 26 2005

       thanks for the views, world. I kept one of those and just changed one of my votes. sometimes an idea will grow on you with time and I sometimes vote + just for the pleasure that the annos have given.
po, Feb 26 2005

       By the way - after the crash, when all voting information was lost, I made up a view showing all the ideas that I had annotated but not voted on. I figured that if I had commented on an idea I had probably voted on it, and so it was a start to restoring my votes.
Detly, Feb 27 2005


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