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The Grammarian

Battling misused semi-colons wherever they appear!
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A mild-mannered copy editor by day... wait, if you know any copy editors, you know we're not mild-mannered! "AP says you don't put a comma in a series before 'and,' you $*@#*%*@**%*@#*%$*# jerk!" "Is that $*@#*%*@**%*@#*%$*# with one # or two?"
arghblah, Feb 27 2001

Grammar Girl http://grammargirl.9ug.com/
Real person who explains grammar and likens herself to a superhero... [dgeiser13, Feb 27 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Ms Netters http://www.ugcs.cal...netters/index.shtml
Addresses hyphenating common adjectives (dear-gentle) and other effontry [reensure, Feb 27 2001]

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       "Excuse me citizen, but I believe you've dropped your colon." Ugh!
DrBob, Feb 27 2001

       Peter, Peter, Peter, tut, tut, tut. Languadge is a way to exxxpres onesself. Aye meeerly choose to expris my optioins with spilling mistaks and gradmatical incorrectability.   

       [Besides, your username has a capital letter in the middle of it]
[ sctld ], Mar 03 2001

       C++ compilers do this. sctld: LeForge, McDonalds...
nick_n_uit, Mar 03 2001

       'McDonalds' is based on someones last name and was originally Donald Mc Donald, or Donald son of Donald, but then somebody decided to miss out the space and thenn the Mc's and Mac's of the world came to be. The same can be said of LeForge &tc.   

[ sctld ], Mar 03 2001

       We had such a person in college. She was a journalism professor who was nicknamed Conan the Grammarian.
dredcat7, Mar 05 2001

       Brilliance knows no borders, I see. Our high school librarian was known as "Conan the Librarian" (a title she richly deserved). UnaBubba, unless you attended a Catholic high school in Southern California, this is an amazing coincidence.   

       I can't wait for the inevitable confluence of all of us grammar-powered superheroes (and -oines). What will happen, when we recognize that there are more than a few of us? Who will earn the right to wear the cape?   

       Stay tuned for next time! [whirling around, vanishing into a blur of type, cloaking herself quickly in her Mild Mannered alias] ...
1percent, Mar 23 2001

       Weird Al's movie "UHF" has an excerpt from "COnan the Librarian" as well.
nick_n_uit, Mar 23 2001

       Clearly the only solution to all this mayhem is a Grammarian Deathmatch to determine the true champion once and for all!
moonmoose, Mar 24 2001


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