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The Great Equalizer Road Test

"If you can drive it just as God [The Great Equalizer] intended it, it's yours"
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With the accumulation of wealth comes the accumulation of material possessions. Unfortunately the wealth accumulators oftentimes are mismatched in their vehicle of choice. I propose that when the Car Dealership says "Let's see if you qualify" It would first involve the Credit Check, Sale and THEN [this is shere it gets bittersweet] The Road Test. If someone is going to buy a 4 wheel drive 10 cylinder Behemoth, then they better be able to drive it using all 4 wheels and all 10 cylinders and then some. If a sanctioned tester says "Tough cookies, pal" then another individual ON STANDBY who has made purchase of a lesser priced car but who has the ability to drive something bigger, better and faster gets himself a Behemoth and the Unworthy Wallet gets the Yugo. The Great Equalizer. Buwahahahaaaa.
thumbwax, Aug 05 2000

rate-a-driver http://www.halfbake.../idea/rate-a-driver
Yeah, yeah. [egnor, Aug 05 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       This has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.
VeXaR, Jan 22 2001

       Cool! Where did you get your talking computer?
thumbwax, Jan 22 2001

       I can dig it and would add that not only should you prove that you are competent enough to drive it, you should justify why you need it. Half the people I see hop out these things are barely 5 foot tall and alone.
iuvare, Jan 23 2001

       Big cars are cheaper than therapy, and probably safer than penile enlargement, especially for insecure women.
Myself248, Jun 09 2003

       I thought that this was baked by the car & horse racing series' where the winner can select anyoneelse's mount/car.
PiledHigherandDeeper, Jun 09 2003

       My first job was a pizza delivery dude. I drove that car like it was a Porsche. I got paid hourly + commision based on number of deliveries. I drove very fast, but quite safely, and became one with that car. Too bad it was a Honda Civic (top speed 105 downhill using the force). If only I could have had the chance to merit an Austin Martin. Buwahahahaaaa.
Zimmy, Jun 09 2003

       Austin Martin? You are clearly American. Please stop. Everything. Dude.
hugh jerry muff, Jul 29 2003

       I would quite like an Austin Martin, does that make me American? Heavens to murgatroid my dear fellow I feel quite queazy.
English_gent, Jul 30 2003

       Damn i thought this was going to be something involving Edward Woodward and Monster trucks.
nichpo, Jul 30 2003


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