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The Grocery Bingo Experience

Bingo cards to entertain children during shopping
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Grocery Bingo is a game to be played by children to make the trip to the grocery store more fun.

At the customer service desk your can buy a Grocery Bingo card for $1 that shows different grocery items on the card.

Throughout the store will be pictures of grocery items on the floor for children to check their cards for. If they find one on the card they can ask their parents to get them a sticker from the sticker dispenser located on the shelves (out of reach of kids) near the picture on the floor.

At the end of each isle are good behavior stickers for the parents to give their children if they didn’t run amok down the isle and were reasonably quiet.

Near the end of the grocery experience the parents can take their children to the bakery or deli to redeem their bingo cards for a small fruit juice and shaved ice treat. If their card has most of the good behavior stickers on the bottom, they are entitled to a slightly larger cup for their treat.

Zimmy, Aug 05 2005

(?) Wal-Mart Promo http://www.spiderfa...movie2_walmart.html
Wal-Mart Promo Comic/Pamphlet [the_jxc, Aug 10 2005]


       sp. 'quiet'.   

       I'm sure this could be abused in some way - what a cynic I am!   

       Bun, because it made me smile after having a crap day.   

       Is 'home: child control' really the best category? I'm not the one to name a better one, but I'm sure 'home' isn't it.
dbmag9, Aug 05 2005

       I changed cat's dbmag9. I didn't think that was the best one to put it in, but I couldn't think of where else to put it. I hate when I typo one word as another word that spell check doesn't catch.
Zimmy, Aug 05 2005

       Just a vague, not at all thought out and probably unworkable notion: I wonder if there could be a loyalty hook of some sort here. The parent prepares the grocery list throughout the week (month, whatever) online on a particular grocery store's website. The first stop in the store is to pick up the grocery list and the on-demand printed bingo cards which could contain pictures of the actual items on the shopping list. The kids could "help" with the shopping chores by spotting the items.   

       Other items on the cards might be impulse items that the kids might talk the parent in to buying. Ick, but that's marketing (maybe that's abuse, [dbmag9]).
half, Aug 05 2005

       I actually thought that I might be able to convince a store to do this (after a few trial runs w/ my kids) if I suggested that it might be like subliminal marketing if they used pictures of some of the more common food items.   

       [half], I bet Lucky Charms WOULD pay a bit to get their picture on there, though. (Maybe I could get part of that fee Mwah Ha ha!).   

       The weakness I didn't think of is usually quickly exposed when I try to do things like this with my kids, so I'm sure they'll find it.
Zimmy, Aug 05 2005

       nice one zimmy
benfrost, Aug 06 2005

       I tried this yesterday & it seemed to go pretty well. I have .tif files of a couple of cards. If anyone wants to try it you can e-mail me & I'll send 'em to you. (I'm not very good at drawing cows, though.)
Zimmy, Aug 08 2005

       So ‘tis. It even includes the results from a trial run. ++
Shz, Aug 09 2005

       Some marketing genius will be required, or you'll have the misfortunates who must buy a Celebrity™ giant cake mix every few days to keep the kids happy. (substitute cake mix with anything from a huge bag of crisps to a 3 litre bottle of pop).   

       Suppose I enter my shopping list and the kiosk prints out a custom bingo card with my selections on it?
reensure, Aug 09 2005

       Baked. See the attached link. This was a Spider-Man movie tie-in promo given out by Wal-Mart. The only difference is that you are given the stickers at the start, and you are looking for information on the sequence of the stickers.   

       Sponsored by Dr. Pepper and others.
the_jxc, Aug 10 2005

       I was with you until right at the end. The bakery or deli to ... fruit juice and shaved ice? Too young for croissants?
joeforker, Aug 10 2005

       My wife is hooked on a different sort of grocery bingo. Every month, she gets a new card with various days of the month written in. Every time she spends $10 or more on one of the days on her card, she gets a stamp on that day. For each row/column/diagonal she fills in, she gets a dollar off the next month. She plans out her shopping just to fill the right slots. If this is any indication of the effectiveness of bingo, then I`m sure Zimmy's idea will be a tremendous success.
kaeru, Aug 11 2005

       Never too young for croissants!
popbottle, Dec 22 2016


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