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The Gut Balloon

Inserted into the stomach to aid weight loss.
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The all-new technique of stomach stapling is all the rage in the USA. It is a very effective means of losing weight however the surgery is extremely intrusive and non-reversible. Maybe the gut balloon may prove to be a less intrusive alternative. Insert a non-corrodible balloon like object into a persons stomach via the mouth, then inflate the balloon like object. Ensure that the balloon does not block the sphincter muscles entering or leaving the stomach. Surgeons must then attach the balloon to the stomach wall; to tell you the truth I’m not immediately sure how one would accomplish this. Finally seal the balloon; the patient will then have a stomach that is less than its original volume and should lose weight. I wouldn’t advise the consumption of sharp objects if you have this fitted. Again I have no idea what to make the balloon from I don’t know of any rubber like materials that are acid proof, I would think some sort of Kevlar fabric may be sufficient provided it can be made air tight.
big_boy_gun_bell, Aug 27 2002

Inamed BioEnterics® Intragastric Balloon http://www.inamed.c...n/bib/prodinfo.html
Not for sale in the US. [jutta, Aug 27 2002]

US patent 4,246,893 (1981) http://patft.uspto....&Query=PN%2F4246893
"Inflatable gastric device for treating obesity." [jutta, Aug 27 2002]


       What do you mean by baked?
big_boy_gun_bell, Aug 27 2002

       She means it's an invention which already exists.
-alx, Aug 27 2002

       [Actually, this place is not about pointless, silly ideas; it's about insufficiently thought-through ideas. The sillyness needs to be a side effect. Other than for its obvious existence, this idea is excellent.]   

       And here's some advice to the regulars: try to cut down on the jargon. If you have something factual to say, say it straight without using secret words that you and your friends have assigned meaning to, but that people on the street won't know.   

       Also, when adding a link, it makes you easier to understand if you annotate it with the name and description of the linked-to thing. Redundancy is a good thing - it helps people fill in the missing details.   

       [blissmiss], which of the four supplies that you link to do you mean, and could you translate some of the description for us?
jutta, Aug 27 2002

       //I wouldn’t advise the consumption of sharp objects if you have this fitted.//   

       When would you advise the consumption of sharp objects?
ImBack, Aug 27 2002

       I spoke with a Don Mills at BioEnterics who said the balloon is not FDA approved yet. So, we'll have to go to Mexico or Europe to get the balloon.
ddisier, Oct 11 2002

       //When would you advise the consumption of sharp objects//   

       The term "sword swallower" comes to mind.   

       [big_boy_gun_bell], come to my userpage and look at my ideas. They should give you a good sense of what NOT to post. Except for the ones that weren't boned. (I still don't know how that happened.) Anyways, if you're confused, just ask.
Shadow Phoenix, Feb 22 2008


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